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12 Nov 2015

Bliss Bridal Boutique will be holding an in-store event this week, so if you're in the Whitby, Ontario, area, call them to book your appointment and see some of our dresses from our Fall 2015 Collection. 

Bliss Bridal Boutique
November 13th - 15th
19 Sawdon Dr.
Whitby, ON
L1N 9E9

Bliss Bridal Boutique has a great selection of Paloma Blanca wedding dresses, including these styles from our Fall 2015 collection:




All of our upcoming In-Store Events can be found on our Events page.

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11 Nov 2015

On this day of remembrance, we wanted to take a moment to bring attention to a very worthwhile cause: Brides Across America.

"In 2008, Heidi Janson founded Brides Across America. She was inspired to do something special to express gratitude for the dedicated men and women of the United Sates Armed Forces...Brides Across America plays a role in making their dreams come true by giving a military bride a free wedding gown during a Brides Across America's Nationwide Gown Giveaway. Events are held twice a year in partnership with bridal salons across the country."

For the past four years our Authorized Retailer, Poffie Girls, has held an in-store event to support Brides Across America. During this time they have donated over $100,000 in wedding attire to the cause. We are honoured to once again donate some of our wedding dresses in support of Poffie Girls' event and the Brides Across America community. If you are a bride attending the event, you can find these gowns available: 

For more information about the event, please visit www.poffiegirls.com

10 Nov 2015

When Paloma Blanca bride, Erica, tried on Style 4510 from Kleinfelds, she knew it was the dress for her, and we couldn't agree more! She looked absolutely stunning for her country club wedding earlier this year. We caught up with Erica to hear more about her summer nuptials:

How did you know your dress was "the one"?
It was gorgeous on, it fit perfectly, and it had an open back which was a must! I fell in love with the lace, the halter bodice, and all of it! I didn't want a typical strapless dress.

How did Mike propose?
Mike proposed to me at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland, where I spent every summer as a kid. He knew that it was a very special place for me and my family. He buried the ring in a sandcastle and surprosed me as the beach emptied in the late afternoon. Both of our famililes were there, so it made for the most romantic, personal, perfect proposal. 

What were your top 3 favourite wedding day moments?
1. All of our friends and family were there with us, which was hands down the best part of the celebration.
2. My groom and I planend the wedding together, but we were able to relax day-of and have the time of our lives! We didn't worry abotu a thin. It was time to party!
3. The ceremony was so meaningful because it was not only the ultimat commitment made, but we were surrounded by our family and friends. It was perfect!

Thank you, Erica, for sharing your wedding day with us!

If you're a Paloma Blanca bride, we'd love to hear your story. You can also read more of our Real Bride stories in our Real Bride Gallery, like the one that Erica sent us.

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Credits // Photography: Fred Marcus Studio / Bridal Retailer: Kleinfelds / Tuxedo: Theory / Ceremony & Reception: Crest Hollow Country Club / Hair: Bridget Buscemi / Makeup: Jillian Eisenberg-Grant

27 Oct 2015

We always love hearing when brides have a memorable moment when finding their perfect Paloma Blanca gown, and Joanna's experience was just that! We caught up with her to hear more about why she chose Style 4450 for her day, and the unforgettable way her husband proposed.

How did Michael propose?
Michael and I have always wanted to plan a trip to Italy. We finally set a date to go in May 2013. We started off our trip in Venice, then visited Bologna, Siena, Florence and then Positano. Our second day in Positano we decided on go on a hike, up to a famous mountain known as Montepertuso. There’s a huge hole in the mountain (only 3 mountains in the world have these "holes" — one is in Positano and the other two are in India.) We started off our hike early in the morning, thinking it should take about 30 minutes. (According to Mike’s iphone.) Little did we know, 30 minutes became one hour and then two hours. But it was a beautiful sunny day, so I wasn’t complaining. Whenever we asked locals if we were walking in the right direction, they would smile and nod and point towards the sky, and tell us, we were almost there. Finally after three hours, we arrived to the top of the mountain. What a quaint spot… no one was there, just Michael and I. Michael ran right to the top of the mountain, where the hole was. He was so relieved to be at the top, because I don’t think he was planning on walking for 3 hours at all. And then right there, he got down on one knee, and proposed. We had the whole view of Positano, all to ourselves.  Unfortunately, as I’m sure most brides can relate to, I don’t remember much of the proposal itself; I was in such a state of shock. So Michael had to spend that evening repeating his proposal!

How did you know your dress was the one?
Prior to finding the Paloma Blanca dress, I must have gone to 12 different stores. I probably drove my mother and maid-of-honour crazy. I was determined to find a dress that had a unique colour to it; not just your typical ‘off-white’ or ‘white’ dress. Then, one day when I walked into the store, I noticed a dress from a far distance that had a ‘blush’ tone to it. I instantly feel in love, and told myself I had to try it on; and that was it! It was simple, classy and elegant. The moment I put it on, a feeling came over me and I just thought to myself, I don’t ever want to take this dress off! I had my mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and my maid-of-honour all there with me. We all became so emotional and happy instantly, that everyone knew it was the one, without having to say a word. It was such a memorable and fun moment!

Tell us about your theme, what inspired it?
I’ll be honest, I think Pinterest helped inspire me to determine what theme I really wanted for my wedding. I spent countless hours, just looking at various colours schemes and flower arrangements. Once I selected various pictures that I liked, I noticed a pattern and I really liked arrangements that were white and green. I also loved the green, black and grey berries to represent the fall season.  I’ve always loved the colour navy, and I thought ivory and navy make a perfect combo for a simple and elegant wedding.

Best advice for brides-to-be?
Don’t sweat the small stuff! You don’t realize how quickly the time goes when planning your wedding. Just stick to your gut, and pick things that you like- and don’t over think the decisions you’ve made. Also, as we all know, wedding planning is very time consuming and you invest a lot of money. So pick vendors that you are comfortable with and get along with. My florist and I spent hours together, talking about different flowers and arrangements. I had a blast! Such experiences allow you to enjoy every step of the process, and make friendships while you’re at it!

Credits // Photography: derAVian Creative Works / Floral: The Orchid Florist

23 Oct 2015

We couldn't resist sharing another one of our favourite (and tasty) fall wedding trends: Clever Food Displays. This trend is a fun and eye-catching way to display the food you serve at your wedding, from your hors d'oeuvres to your cake. We love the idea of incorporating elements of nature as a way to present your foods, like platters made of tree trunks, to tie in that rustic fall look.

How would you incorporate this trend into your wedding?

See more of our favourite fall trends on Pinterest.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.