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Jenna and Kit

WEDDING DATE: 08/20/2018 WEDDING LOCATION: Southend Barns, Chichester STYLE NUMBER: 4743 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: Helena Fortley PHOTOGRAPHER: Nick Henley COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: We met in a bar 10 years ago, a year after dating we moved in together, 3 years ago we got our little baby, our mini dachshund called Lollie, and 2 years ago [...]

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Nathalie and Toby

WEDDING DATE: 11/11/2017 WEDDING LOCATION: Colette Grand Café, Toronto Ontario STYLE NUMBER: 4603 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: Kleinfelds PHOTOGRAPHER: Janice Power at Tara McMullen Photography COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: This was the second dress I tried on and I instantly knew it was the one. We decided to add a row of buttons down the back of [...]

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Lindsey and Leonard

WEDDING DATE: 08/03/2018 WEDDING LOCATION: OceanBleu STYLE NUMBER: 4665 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: Bridal Reflections PHOTOGRAPHER: North Island Photography COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: Lenny and I met in college and have been in love ever since! We both love the beach, so Oceanbleu in Westhampton Beach was the perfect destination for our special day! [...]

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Erin and Matt

WEDDING DATE: 06/09/2018 WEDDING LOCATION: Ferndale, Michigan STYLE NUMBER: 4746 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: The Gown Shop PHOTOGRAPHER: Casey Brodley COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: It all started... With a knock on the dorm room door. Where all great love stories begin, Erin and Matt met in the college dorms in the fall of 2008 at Eastern Michigan [...]

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Meg and Tommy

WEDDING DATE: 10/07/2017 WEDDING LOCATION: Sayville Yacht Club, Blue Point NY STYLE NUMBER: 4714 PHOTOGRAPHER: Yellow House Images COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: Meg and Tom met about four years ago, and as cliché as it may sound, they feel that they were always meant to meet. For about 12 years they lived only a few [...]

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Kelsey and PJ

WEDDING DATE: 05/12/2018 WEDDING LOCATION: Savannah, GA STYLE NUMBER: 4661 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: Kleinfeld Bridal PHOTOGRAPHER: Keli Brown COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: How We Met: We met in 2012 during our first semester of graduate school at George Washington University. Kelsey had just moved to DC, while PJ had been living in the city for a [...]

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Emily and Kendall

WEDDING DATE: 05/26/2018 WEDDING LOCATION: Our backyard in New Bern, NC STYLE NUMBER: 4758 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: Thornbury Brides PHOTOGRAPHER: Cynthia Rose Photography COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: Kendall and I both grew up in New Bern, North Carolina, but it wasn't until our college years before we met and got to know each other. We started [...]

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Emily and Joel

WEDDING DATE: 07/28/2018 WEDDING LOCATION: Dearborn Country Club STYLE NUMBER: 4754 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: The Gown Shop - Ann Arbor PHOTOGRAPHER: JS Photography COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: Joel and I met in high school. We met in classroom 114 in history class. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. We instantly hit it off [...]

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Emily and Vince

WEDDING DATE: 07/28/2018 WEDDING LOCATION: M&D Farm in Westerlo, NY STYLE NUMBER: 4669 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: Kleinfeld Bridal PHOTOGRAPHER: Danni from Thompson Photography Group COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: Vince and I met in 2014 at a happy hour in NYC through a mutual friend. The timing was not ideal since I was in a relationship at [...]

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Nathalie and Adam

WEDDING DATE: 11/25/2017 WEDDING LOCATION: Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg, FL STYLE NUMBER: 4744 BRIDAL BOUTIQUE: The White Magnolia PHOTOGRAPHER: Lensspell Photography COUPLE'S WEDDING STORY: Adam and I met in Tallahassee 5 years ago in the beginning of summer. We had a lot in common, (Go Noles!), we both had just moved, and loved being [...]

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