5 Unique Winter Wedding Themes and Décor

5 Unique Winter Wedding Themes and Décor

It is officially December and we feel that it is time to highlight the main theme of the winter bridal season. Forget snowflakes and winter wonderlands. In this article, we will show you some of the unique wedding themes that inspired us in the past years. We hope that you can get some inspiration for your future winter wedding from these couples:

Unconventional Wedding Themes for Winter

1. Rustic Winter Weddings

Yes, rustic has been too trendy as of late. However, we feel that it will never get old because nature just keeps on giving couples the most beautiful venues that call for a rustic theme. In winter, it becomes even more beautiful because of the cool weather, snowy terrain, and lovely bare trees dappled with white.

Rustic winter weddings call for some adaptation of the season. It could be a holiday-themed décor – but not too much. For example, wreaths are lovely additions that feel festive but can also be designed to reflect a romantic theme. Outdoors, you can take pictures with falling snow, pine tree canopies, and mountains capped with ice. For areas without snow, you can bring snow with an affordable snow machine and focus on winter themed colors for your venue.

2. Uplighting Venues

Uplighting seems to be a new trend that wasn’t noticeable at first. When guests came in the venue, they assumed that it was just good lighting. However, it looks more beautiful than your regular venue lighting because the lights are pointing up from the floor. This requires a different service provider, unless the venue itself specializes in uplighting.

This décor and lighting option is ideal for winter weddings because it is reminiscent of tree lightings, houses lined with colorful bulbs, and buildings wrapped in holiday themed light shows. It’s a small addition, but it does make a huge impact.

3. Indoor Cloud Installations

We’ve seen different forms of this theme in many weddings. One design that captured our attention was a cotton-candy like silver design with stars and snowflakes dotted here and there. To get this effect, you can ask your wedding organizer to find someone who builds simple installations of cloudlike décor. It seems that they use everyday items for crafts like chicken wire (the guests don’t need to know ?) and shiny silver elements. Of course, there’s also glitter.

4. Iceberg and Glacier Décor

Yes, this seems to be too winter wonderlandish. However, when done properly, it looks more like an art installation that the guests can walk around in. It can also serve as a backdrop for an entrance, a dance, or speech. The design has to be elegant and not too natural. The ideal design is something with curved edges rather than sharp edges like the ones found in nature.

5. Faux Fur Capes, Coats, Jackets, and More

One thing that will work wonderfully with a winter wedding theme is layering. There are some bridal designs that allow you to wear capes and faux fur stoles as well. Some even have options for their bridal party. While this is solely focused on the dresses and tuxedoes the bride and groom and their entourage will wear, it makes more of an impact than the décor of the wedding itself.

If you are planning a Winter Wedding next year or are pressed for time and need a dress this month, here are some of our favorite designs fit for winter:

Mikaella Style 2284

Mikaella Unique Winter Wedding Theme Style 2242
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Mikaella Unique Winter Wedding Theme Style 2237
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Mikaella Unique Winter Wedding Theme Style 2218

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