Deidra Dionne: The Wedding Dress

Recently, we introduced you to a very special guest blogger: Deidra Dionne. A Canadian bronze medal-winning Olympian (and soon-to-be Mikaella bride), Deidra is in the midst of planning her spring wedding here in Toronto, and recently stopped by Kleinfeld’s to find her perfect dress. We can’t show you too much yet, but we can share a little sneak peek of Deidra in her Mikaella wedding dress, as she shares her shopping experience:

The moment I saw it, I knew it was the one!

I had no idea what to expect with the dress shopping experience. Having never stepped in a bridal shop, I was instantly intimidated. Armed with one of my bridesmaids, I took the plunge on a Saturday afternoon (future brides – expect to meet every other bride if shopping on a Saturday afternoon!).

We started our adventure at a not-to-be-named small shop in the east end. I had booked an appointment (who knew this was required!?!) but was still vastly uncertain on what I was looking for. All I knew is what I didn’t want – a typical strapless dress so common in the bridal industry. Turns out that’s a good place to start.

I instantly soured on the experience because our obnoxiously cheery consultant wasn’t hearing me. I wanted a stunning feature! Something different. A wow factor.

I tried on a few different styles, none resembling my request, and was greeted with her over-the-top positivity that struck me as disingenuous. I understand it was well intended but I needed a more intimate, less vocal approach. After five different dresses in all different styles, we quickly jetted for lunch.

Encouraged by Jessica Mulroney, Kleinfeld’s bridal expert, I booked an appointment at Kleinfeld’s for the following morning. I dragged myself to the 7th floor with a coffee in hand and a healthy dose of skepticism in my step. Having only heard of Kleinfeld’s on the American “Say Yes to the Dress”, I was anxious I was playing above my bridal weight.

Deciding to go alone, I met my consultant Stephanie. I gave her my vision and importantly, my budget. We walked the floor, looked at dresses and she asked me what I liked and didn’t like about certain styles. Before we even got to trying any of the dresses we had gathered, she looked at me and boldly stated, “I think I have the perfect dress for you”.

Out came the MikaellaStyle 2016 and it was love at first sight. As Stephanie helped me into the dress, I knew my shopping journey was coming to an end. It was perfect. Everything I wanted. A plunging neckline for my ‘wow’ factor. The perfect shape to complement my athletic body. A dress that made me instantly feel beautiful. A dress I know will make Tyler’s jaw drop.

My perfect dress. The perfect shopping experience.

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