Winter Wedding Trends: Tapered Candles

For years, votive candles have been one of the most popular ways to create warm, intimate and romantic lighting at your wedding. And while they will continue to be a beautiful addition to any decor for years to come, tapered candles are quickly taking over as the perfect wedding day lighting.

Available in a wide range of heights and colours, tapered candles can be incorporated seamlessly into any wedding theme. Place them in an elegant candelabra for a dramatic centerpiece that’s sure to make a statement, or try mixing them with winter greenery for a rustic touch. Combine the flickering of the candlelight with the snow softly falling outside your venue, and you’ve set the mood for a memorable winter wedding.

How will you use tapered candles as part of your wedding day decor?

Stay tuned as we share more of our favourite winter wedding trends next week.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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