4 Things to Expect from a January Wedding

4 Things to Expect from a January Wedding

January is one of the biggest wedding months of the year, aside from May, June, November to December, and February. While the wedding season can be a year-round affair, these months tend to be the most sought after months for weddings. Since the December wedding season is already in full swing, we will be discussing January weddings and what you can expect if you are planning it on that date.

January Wedding Expectations

1. Book early. As in really early.

I’ve met many brides who didn’t get their dream wedding date because they booked a year in advance. So, were they supposed to book it two years in advance? Well, yes and no. It depends on the location and date. February 14 is a very busy day for the wedding industry and you can expect that almost everyone is booked solid that day. With that said, the best time to book your wedding location is immediately after the proposal.

You also need to be flexible with some aspects. Usually, you need to choose between date and location. If the date is not available, you may need to find another location and vice versa. You also need to be flexible with your wedding vendors. Basically, the key to getting everything perfectly is due to sheer luck. But don’t fret because you don’t need to be really specific about every aspect of your wedding. Just choose what feels right and don’t focus on the things that you cannot change.

2. Expect the worst out of the weather, but always hope for the best.

If you live in an area where there are annual snowstorms, you may want to consider the weather as a pivotal point in your planning. While you cannot predict the weather a year or a couple of months before January, you at least have an inkling of what to expect in the area of your wedding location.

With that said, you should always have a plan B. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure that your organizer has a backup plan in case the weather does not cooperate. You also need to ensure that safety measures are in place for guests and the bridal party.

3. Consider your guest’s schedules.

January isn’t just a wedding season. It is also the beginning of a New Year for many companies. January may be their busiest months due to new hires, new projects, and the process of settling back into work. If you can, try to schedule your wedding on a weekend so everyone can be there.

If that isn’t possible, try to be understandable if some people cannot attend the wedding. There’s always the bachelor party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, engagement parties, and other events when they can celebrate with you.

4. Don’t set a January deadline for wedding product vendors.

This excludes food of course. What we are talking about are the designers, dressmakers, decorators, musicians, and more. When you plan for the outcome of the services, make sure that you see the finished products such as the final dress design, the made to order décor and wedding favors, and music choices way before the month of your wedding date.

When you choose to make final decisions on January, you are at risk of running into problems because there are many couples who have chosen that month as their final checklist run as well. While your organizers and vendors are responsible for their products and services, it is best to avoid any mishaps by checking off the big requests by November or October before the busiest wedding seasons start.

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Bio: Danielle is a writer for Paloma Blanca and Mikaella Bridal. While she dreams of wedding dresses, she writes about them for you.

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