Buying A Wedding Gown For Your Body Shape: Apple

Previously we talked about Pear shaped brides; smaller top, larger bottom.  The Apple shape is the complete opposite.  The physical characteristics of this shape could be broader shoulders, fuller bust, more slender thighs and bottom and a less defined waist. An Apple, may also be a split size; having their bust and waist a different size then their hips. So, unlike our Pear sisters, you may be buying that pair of jeans to fit your waist circumference rather then your hips and bottom.

When you’re gown shopping, there are a few things that an Apple shaped bride may want to keep in mind.

Choose a gown that will give definition to your waist. A style that cinches in your waist will create a more balanced proportion. A wide ribbon at the waist, or a slightly dropped waisted style are great options. Try a style with asymmetrical pleating or rushing, it does wonders for creating a defined waist.

Think about necklines that will draw attention upward while flattering your bustline. V-neck and plunging are great options. However if you already have broad shoulders you may want to steer away from necklines that will make you look wider, like off the shoulder designs.

Avoid column type dresses or trumpet and mermaid styles with exaggerated flare outs from the knee. This will emphasize a less defined waist.

The Apple shaped may prove to be a little more challenging when gown shopping, but definitely not impossible. Choosing the right silhouette and proper gown fitting will ensure a flattering fit to your gorgeous Apple shape.

Which tips have you found to be the most helpful? Stay tuned next week when we’ll be sharing another body shape and how to shop for your perfect wedding gown!

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