How To Find The “Perfect” Lace Wedding Dress

Shopping for a Lace Wedding Dress

There are many options for the bride-to-be as she searches for her “Dream Dress”. While the style is one part of the decision, honing in on a fabric goes a long way towards narrowing down the thousands of choices available to today’s consumer. We will focus on some of the more “basic” fabrics in future blogs, but today we are going to focus on one of the popular, current bridal fabrications – lace. While there are many different laces offered by the myriad of designers, Paloma Blanca’s designers focus on 3 basic lace styles: Chantilly Lace, Re-embroidered (Alençon) Lace, and Textured (Guipure) Lace. When you consider the many silhouettes that are available, and that laces can be beaded or un-beaded, the possibilities are virtually endless for the bride who has decided she wants to walk down the aisle in a lace wedding dress.

If you are looking for something soft and dreamy, Chantilly Lace may be for you. Chantilly Lace comes in an endless array of patterns, and Paloma Blanca loves to use some of the floral pattern laces that the French have made famous. Style #4655 features a fit and flair design with a bateau neckline, a plunging low back, and a sweep train. One of the beauties of a lace gown is that the see-through nature of the fabric allows the color of the gown to be changed by changing the color of the lining.  This style was designed for the bride who wants a “touch of color”, and is pictured with our Rosé color lining to give the dress a blush “feel”.  If you want a little more traditional look, we can change the lining to Pearl for that Tone on Tone feel.  And if you want an even more classic look, we can use the natural lining…all three are equally stunning!

Lace Wedding Dress Paloma Blanca Style 4655

Paloma Blanca Style 4655

Equally popular for the bride who has decided on a lace wedding dress is Alençon, or corded lace. This lace also comes in many patterns – often with a floral feel as well. The difference here is that an added step is taken in the production of the lace, where portions of the pattern are accented with additional thread to highlight the floral design. While difficult to see in pictures, you will notice the difference immediately in person.

As you can see below, this French Alencon Lace gown features a sweetheart neckline with a modified A-Line skirt and a sweep train. Again you have color options here just by changing the lining – and you can change the color of the accent ribbon as well. It is shown here with Pearl Lining and blush ribbon. No matter how you customize style #4666… heads will turn as you and your husband take center stage for your first dance in your gorgeous, and equally timeless Paloma Blanca lace wedding dress.

Lace Wedding Dress Paloma Blanca Style 4666
Paloma Blanca Style 4666

What do you think of style #4567? Here the design team used a Guipure lace, which has a little more depth and texture than Chantilly or Alencon – but is equally stunning. And anyone who’s been searching on Pinterest or Instagram these days knows… It’s all about the back! By using a side zipper, we combined the lace with some invisible tulle so that all eyes will be on your beautiful back (with no zipper showing) as you walk down the aisle to meet the man of your dreams at the alter.  We even added some beading to the lace for just enough bling to match your jewelry and headpiece. In one word: “STUNNING”!

Lace Wedding Dress Paloma Blanca Style 4567
Paloma Blanca Style 4567

These are just a few of the dozens of lace dresses that Paloma Blanca offers. You can even combine a Lace Top with a Silk Skirt for an even bolder look…

Lace Wedding Dress Paloma Blanca Style 4667
Paloma Blanca Style 4667

No matter what your taste, lace is a timeless and versatile fabric that works beautifully with any style or silhouette. If you have always envisioned yourself walking down the aisle in a lace wedding dress, then Paloma Blanca is the designer for you. To see the entire collection, visit our website at  To find an authorized retailer in your area, please check our website as well.

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