Tie The Knot Tuesday: Featuring Paloma Blanca Bride Clodagh

Our Paloma Blanca Bride Clodagh and her husband Colm got married on November 15th, 2013 at a venue she instantly fell in love with, Lough Erne Resort. As is the story with many brides out there, the dress she ended up walking down the aisle in (Style 4363) was nothing like what she had originally imagined! She pictured a plain, figure hugging gown, but fell for the fun ruffles and unbeatable comfort this Classic Wedding Dress provided. We were lucky enough to hear straight from Clodagh about her amazing wedding day and the planning that went into it:

I started planning my wedding January 2013 and set the date as Friday 15th November, 2013. A fun filled 11 months ahead!


“I became a Paloma Blanca bride in the first bridal shop- last dress! I purchased my dress from Frilly Frocks in Drogheda, Ireland. Dara could not have been any more helpful if she tried! I am not a girlie girl; I love my sports gear, going to the gym, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dressed up but pink, bows, ‘wedding dresses’ would not be high up on my list. I thought in my head my dress would be plain and simple – how wrong was I?! As I was getting married in November – in sunny Ireland! – I wanted more coverage than Style 4363 was giving me, but the lovely people at Paloma Blanca accommodated me and custom made the top of my dress.”


We went to visit our venue, the Lough Erne Resort and the moment we drove through the gates – it sold itself! Such a beautiful setting and if it was good enough for the world leaders (The G8 [Summit] was held here in June 2013), it was good enough for us!

We sell our own home made ice cream, so our theme as such was ‘Ice.’ Our wedding cake was based on our vanilla ice cream – tiers of cupcakes which looked like ice cream. We also had our seating plan in an ice sculpture and our table centerpieces were an ice block with an orchid inside. Simple touches, but had the wow factor.” (Their gorgeous ice sculptures were supplied by Northern Ireland Ice Sculptures.)


I wanted bold coloured flowers and Bernie at McGarry Flowers did not fail. Our flowers were out of this world in my eyes! Every single person at our wedding commented on them. Bernie also supplied the large L O V E letters which also went down as a treat.

When the day arrived we got a beautiful crisp November day in Ireland. We could not have asked for any better.


Clodagh was also kind enough to share a few last bits of advice for any brides-to-be:
-Be organized. I used the app Wedding Plans and found it a great help to keep track of a lot of things.
-As everyone now a days have camera phones etc, I downloaded the app Wedpics (which is free) and put the info on the invitation for our guests. Most of my guests downloaded the app and shared their pictures of the big day. It was a great way to see a lot more pictures from our wedding weekend.
-Wear comfortable shoes! Because I don’t know about you but when my feet are sore – I stop! I had a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo’s – not too high – and then I had a customized pair of white Nike trainers with the wedding date embroidered into the heel to change into. You must remember, you will be on your feet for a long time. Happy feet, happy bride!
-Enjoy every moment. As they say the day goes by so fast, so at some stages of the day just take a moment, a time out and step back. Take a look around you at everyone enjoying their day and savour it.
-Don’t be nervous. It is your day, you have planned everything and every single person you invited is there to celebrate with you! It is a room of friends and family!


Photographs by Andrew Paton.

Thank you, Clodagh, for taking the time to share your amazing day with us! You can read more about Clodagh’s story here, or visit our Real Paloma Blanca Bride Gallery for more beautiful wedding stories. For all the latest Paloma Blanca news, like us on Facebook, and follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest!

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