This week we’re featuring a Paloma Blanca bride that got married right here in Toronto, at a well known landmark here in the city. Jen – wearing our beautiful Paloma Blanca Style 4310 – and Jesse tied the knot at a fantastic ceremony at Steam Whistle Brewery and shared some photos with us that were taken at other known Toronto landmarks like the CN Tower!jenS_12jenS_01jenS_07
How did you know your dress was “The One”?
Jen: “I was a bit nontraditional and brought my fiancé to my dress appointment. Rather than guessing what he would like, I wanted to make sure he thought I was the prettiest he had ever seen me on our special day. Both of our mothers were also there to be the tie breaker if we could not decide. When I put on the dress, it fit like a glove to my body shape. It was a design that we felt could look timeless and elegant. It also fit our venues look and the look of our wedding. It was breathtaking – and comfortable!
What was your favourite memory from your wedding day?
Our wedding goal was to be something unique and different, while still keeping to the traditional format of a wedding. Picking a favorite memory is difficult because we tried to put little touches into each detail. The ceremony for example took the traditional wedding ceremony and twisted the traditions a bit. We had all of our guests read out loud stating ‘Jen and Jesse, even though we have chosen to read this in a monotone voice, we are very enthusiastic about your marriage and future life together. We would love to shout it from the rooftops, but reading in a group is very awkward and hard to communicate tone. We love you both and can’t wait to dance the night away.’ We also developed a new Canadian tradition of the ceremonial first beer. We had a server walk down the aisle with a tray of two Steam Whistle beers. Jesse and I opened our beers, poured them into one glass and each drank out of the glass. When Jesse and I started our vows to each other, we tried to keep them sweet but also funny. When we had our first kiss, our bridal party held signs behind us stating ‘congrats’, ‘hooray’, ‘finally’, etc.
What inspired the theme of our wedding?
Jesse and I enjoy beer as the flavors and ingredients can be very creative. Beers are usually enjoyed after a long hard day or in a social setting with friends. When we decided to have our wedding in Toronto, we knew Steam Whistle was a great destination as it focused on beer, but had the rustic modern warehouse look we really enjoyed. With a brewery as your wedding venue, how could you not have a fun party? We planned all of the wedding festivities to be centered around the sentence “We are here for a party, oh yeah – Jen and Jesse are getting married”. The sentence is a bit weird, but it ensured we focused on making a fun party for our guests rather than focus the attention all on us. We knew if we gave them good food, fantastic music, cute details – they would leave with a smile on their face.

Photographs by Root Photography.
Check out Jen and Jesse’s Wedding Video too! By Bright Sky Wedding Designs.

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