Frequently Asked Questions

Our Customer Service department has provided us with our frequently asked questions that come through our website from our visitors. Please see below for our top answers. If you do not see an answer for your question, please contact us via email.

Where are PALOMA BLANCA gowns produced?

All of our wedding dresses are made by hand in our hometown facilities in Toronto Canada. We take great pride in being the largest manufacture of wedding dresses in North America.

Can I buy my gown directly from PALOMA BLANCA?

We do not sell directly to the public. Please visit our Shop Locator page to find an Authorized Retailer to purchase your gown.

Where are your store locations?

You can find a listing of our Authorized Retailers by clicking on the Shop Locator section of our main menu.

There are no PALOMA BLANCA retailers in my area. What can I do?

PALOMA BLANCA deals with the top bridal salons across the globe and our retailer network is constantly growing to meet the demand of international brides. If you are having trouble locating the PALOMA BLANCA collection in your area, ask your local bridal salon to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide them with the necessary information on how to become an Authorized Retailer.

Do you sell your gowns over the internet?

We do not sell our gowns over the internet and strongly discourage buying bridal gowns in this manner.

How often and when are new styles introduced?

New styles are introduced twice a year: the Fall/Winter Collection and the Spring/Summer Collection. We welcome all brides to view our current designs via our website and social media channels.

When can I expect my dress to arrive?

It is always best to contact your Authorized Retailer directly for an accurate timeline, as delivery dates can vary depending on the style and location of the retailer.

Can I purchase material or beading, or receive a swatch of fabric from you?

Material, beading and swatch requests should be addressed to the retailer from whom you are purchasing your gown.

How can I get a picture of my gown?

Our gowns are featured in bridal magazines and on our website. The gowns featured on our website can be shared to social media directly from the page being viewed.

How can I be included in the Real Brides section of your website?

We are honoured that you chose a PALOMA BLANCA gown for your wedding day. After the event, we would be delighted if you shared your wedding story with us so we could feature your journey on our website. To share your story, please visit our Real Brides gallery and fill out the Tell Us Your Story form. We will be sure to send you an email notification when your feature has gone live!

Our customer service department is here to help if your question has not been answered! Contact us directly for more information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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