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La Jeune Mariée Bridal

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Little Background On Both Of Us
We got engaged in May 2018, after a crazy almost 2 year long distance relationship. Collin is a Lieutenant in the US Navy, currently stationed in Gulfport, MS. He went to the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA). He is originally from Erie, PA. I, Brittany, am originally from Ottawa, Ohio and went to college at Bowling Green State University majored in Visual Communication of Technology and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio after graduating in 2011. We got married March 2, 2019 and I moved down to Gulfport, MS in May 2019.

How We Met | July 7, 2016
We met by missing our connecting flight. I was vacationing in Hilton Head Island, SC and Collin at the time was stationed in Beaufort, SC. I had a work event that was prior to the vacation so I had to fly in and out, usually drive, and Collin decided last minute to attend a friend’s wedding in his hometown, Erie, PA.

There was bad weather, and we were delayed in Savannah. We finally were able to leave and by the time we got to Newark, they wouldn’t allow us to land because of the weather, so we had to keep circling. At 9:30pm we were cleared to land – the attendants asked everyone to stay seated to allow the people with 9:45pm connections to try and make their flights. I ended up bumping into this guy (aka Collin) trying to get off the plane, asked where he was heading and he said Cleveland, I told him same! He asked if I knew where I was going and if I had ever been to Newark before, told him haven’t but I’m pretty sure I need to turn left and just run! (little difficult with 2-60lb bags, flip flops and a dress) He laughed and said to follow him. We make it out and he runs like hell, I keep up with him for, oh, 5 seconds and then I am done because bags, flip flops, dress. I try to drag one, put both on one shoulder – everything until I spot an unoccupied wheelchair. I threw my bags on it and started booking it to the gate. I was just about there when I saw the guy walking back towards me – we missed it. Before he said anything about the flight he was like “Wheelchair, really?!” I made a comment back saying you try running with these bags!

We go to Customer Service to find out there are zero flights until the next morning. They handed us a hotel sheet and said good luck – not even 10pm, we look at each other and was like drink? We headed to an airport bar and started to figure out what to do. Started calling hotels, we got to the hotel dropped off the bags and went straight to the bar and talked for hours.

The next morning, we went back to the airport and sat next to each other during the flight and when we landed in Cleveland, we exchanged numbers and I met his Dad, Aunt and Uncle (they were there picking him up to take him back to Erie, PA, it is about 1.5 hours away from Cleveland, OH). We talked for a bit and I left to go home. We continued to talk that day and the next, ultimately, he convinced me to come to Erie on Saturday to meet up with him after the wedding reception and honestly the rest was history. So, thanks United for being late and for allowing me to meet my husband. We joke, it’s the best missed flight ever!

S U R P R I S E… well it was supposed to a surprise visit but I sort of ruined that one… Collin forgot I was going out of town to visit a friend and had to tell me he was coming to Cleveland.

It was a rainy Saturday in May, Collin was hellbent to get to the Cleveland Script before sunset/pouring rain after we had a late birthday dinner in Tremont. We were in the Uber, the rain stopped (for a second), we got out and walked over to the script while our Uber driver took our picture! I was about to go check the pictures out (to make sure I liked them!) and Collin pulled me back, got down on one knee (insert mini speech)… at this point the rain started back up and I said YES! While we got a cheers and honks from passing cars!

Then we went downtown Cleveland to celebrated with friends at Harry Buffalo and a Cavs playoff game win!

Finding my Dress
I went to the same boutique that my older sister went to find her dress back in 2012. I went with my mom and ended up with a dress she ultimately picked/convinced me to try on, I didn’t think a satin dress was my thing but as soon as I put it on I fell instantly in love. I ended up changing the straps and button details all to satin.

Wedding Day
It was the perfect day, we had 200 guests from all over the country attend. It was the end of winter in Cleveland so it was a little cold outside, but the sun was out and it was gorgeous. I wouldn’t have ask for a better day!

We went to Bali – stayed in 3 different places around the island and neighboring islands. It was a once in a lifetime trip.

Bride Makeup Artist: My Fair Makeup Artistry (Kaelyn Zielinski, Cleveland, Ohio)
Brides Heels: Steve Madden
Bride’s Scarf: Etsy (DeBrosseNYC)
Ear Rings & Hair Comb: Esty (LuluSpendor)
Bridesmaids Scarf: Steve Madden
Engagement Ring + Band: International Diamond Center (Savannah, GA)
Engagement Ring Designer: Gabriel & Co Custom
Bride Band Designer: Noam Carver Custom
Groom’s Ring: Etsy (Populent)
Florist/Decorator: Mary Huerner (Avon Lake, Ohio)
DJ: East Reed Entertainment (Scott Loehrke, childhood friend)
Ceremony: Cathedral of Saint John (Cleveland, Ohio)
Cocktail Hour: Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Reception: Windows on the River, City View Room
Invites | Programs | Name Cards | All other Printed Items — Bride designed as she is a graphic designer