Wedding Date:

Wedding Location:
The Cotswolds, England

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Ian Rycroft Photohraphy

Couple’s Wedding Story:
Our wedding, the best day of our lives, took place on Saturday 7th June, at St Mary’s Church, a quintessentially English village Church in Buckinghamshire, followed by a reception at Weston Manor, in the Cotswolds, England.

The weather forecast did not look promising and true to its reputation poured with rain all morning. However as if someone wanted the best for us, half an hour before the wedding took place, the Sun came out and beautiful clear blue skies appeared and the afternoon remained as beautiful a summers day as anyone could wish for.

The ceremony and celebrations took place, Champagne was flowing and smiling happy faces could be seen everywhere.

The only thing we could have wished for is that the day would never end, but hey, alongside the memories and my beautiful Paloma Blanca dress that is now mine to keep, we could not be a happier Mr and Mrs.