The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel


The Poinsett Bride

Cameron Budove Hinze

I may be biased, but my husband and I have the cutest story. The way we met was I was modeling at an event and he was working his company’s booth at the event. He asked me out to dinner and to make long story short the dinner went great.

Our second date was at the chapel we got married at. We went up to the chapel and have wine out by the gazebo. He had no idea, at the time, that growing up I saved a photo of that chapel as a screen saver on my parents computer. I would tell them: “This is where I want to get married!” I always thought it was the most beautiful chapel/church I had ever seen. Well, he takes me inside of the chapel and I start wondering how he has permission to do all of this (The Cliffs of Glassy is highly gated). He proceeds to tell me his name is on a brick right when you walk in on the floor. He and his family are builders and were the National Custom Home Builders in 2014. They built that chapel. I went home to tell my parents that I could no longer get married there if this guy and I don’t work out because I would be walking over my exes name!

Well, we more than worked out. I got to have my dream wedding and my dream man. I already knew my dream dress, I had modeled it not long ago. Paloma Blanca’s dresses had always been my favorite wedding dresses to model and have always made me feel so beautiful. So, I got my dream dress thanks to y’all and thank you for making a perfect, simple, yet elegant dress. It is definitely helping my wedding business called The Vow hair and makeup get clients because the way the back shows off your hair. I am in awe of your designs and style! Thank you Paloma Blanca! Cheers!