Wedding Date:
Sun, 06/14/2015

Wedding Location:
Nayarit, Mexico

Couple’s Wedding Story:
We eloped!! A big wedding wasn’t our style. We had a vacation planned to Playa de Mita near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and had an idea to fly down our photographer friends to do a wedding photo shoot! Enthusiastically, they thought it was a great idea and said yes! So I purchased a wedding dress, booked a hair and makeup appointment at the resort spa, and we had our own little (unofficial) wedding. It was so much fun and we got the most epic photos I could have ever hoped for. Those memories will be some of my favorites forever, and I was so grateful for the Paloma Blanca dress – I genuinely felt like a beautiful princess and the bride I wanted to look like. We made it official back in the states about a month later and I can honestly say I am married to my best friend, my true partner in life, and I didn’t realize life could be so great.