Circular Congregational Church, Charleston, South Carolina


Gown Boutique of Charleston

Cana Dunlap Photography

I think what makes our story fun is that Greg and I actually met at a wedding (May 2014). Weddings are my favorite-so much genuine joy and often you get to see people after not seeing them for extended periods of time. Addison, a friend of mine from college, and Brendan, a fellow soldier of Greg’s, married at the Ion Creek Club in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. I was living in Charleston at the time too. Greg, a groomsman, and I hit it off at the wedding, dancing the night away. However, I went home alone and Greg went back to Fort Bragg, NC.

The story could have stopped there. However, thankfully, it did not. Later that summer, a bridesmaid from that same wedding graduated law school. She and her family rented a beach house at Folly Beach, and invited the wedding crew back to Charleston for a fun week in the sun. I had just started a 12 hr/day job that summer and was simply too busy to join. But, not wanting to miss seeing my friends, I made it there after work on their last night. There, I ran into Greg, the talkative fellow from the wedding. Greg and I exchanged numbers, and he then started to come visit Charleston more regularly.

After several months of me being too cool to date, Greg and I started an official relationship. Five and a half years, four moves, three jobs, and two education degrees later, one wedding occurred on June 12, 2020. It was just six people in attendance at Circular Congregational. But that’s exactly how we wanted it. Because we knew the wedding would be small and there would be no reception (pandemic or not), I tried to enjoy every single moment of planning.

I found my dress at Gown Boutique of Charleston, and as cliche as it sounds, I knew the moment I put it on that it was exactly what I wanted. The V-neck was a perfect compliment to the necklace I wanted to wear -an antique jade piece that my grandfather brought from his home in China many years ago.

I want to thank the Paloma Blanca team for helping my day feel so special. With both of us working in hospitals during this pandemic, this year reminded us over and over what truly matters in life. Having people on your journey that make events, days, or experiences easier is such a blessing. Thank you.

Florist: Fresh Weddings And Events
Hair and Make up: Pink Dot Beauty Bar
Nails: The Water Room
Men’s suit: Berlin’s Men’s Clothing
Rings: Croghan’s Jewel Box