Allison and Sam

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Meeting: This one isn’t your typical Bennie and Johnnie (College of Saint Benedict / Saint John’s University) story that starts at a Saturday morning tailgate or a one a.m. stumble across St Joe after the Piano Man at Sals.

We were acquaintances and friendly classmates in college. Always smiling while passing through the dining center and chatting in our evening Ethics course. When we graduated from Saint Ben’s Saint John’s in 2018, Sam was the smiley classmate I would’ve hoped to run into some day around the Twin Cities, where most Bennies and Johnnies tend to congregate in their mid-20s.

However, following graduation I wasn’t ready to end up in the Twin Cities quite yet. I had a one-way plane ticket to Indonesia, where I was to live for the year as a Fulbright student. About half-way through my Fulbright grant, I booked a quick trip back to the United States. I had planned to interview at six medical schools in one week around the country to pick out my next home. One week before my trip home, I checked my cell phone and realized I had a notification from Sam, that smiley classmate I had not heard from or seen in months now.

I didn’t quite make it to all of my medical school interviews that week. Between a snow storm and whatever other excuses I could come up with, I maximized that week in Minneapolis, and the one date Sam and I had planned on quickly turned into five.

Soon after landing back in Indonesia to finish my grant, I received the first of many Facetimes from Sam. As I was ending my day and he was beginning his, we would chat for hours. I was quickly swept off of my feet from the kindest, goofiest, most selfless human from an entire world away.

I returned home. He picked me up at the airport and gave me a big hug regardless of how bad I smelled. He’s been my partner in crime, my very best friend, and my biggest companion ever since.

Engagement: About two years after we began dating, Sam and I were en route to a friend’s lake cabin for a cabin weekend. We had planned to meet up with a friend driving from the opposite direction at our University to carpool the remainder of the drive to the cabin. Our friend beat us to the University by an hour, so he headed out on the trails for a quick run. Supposedly still running by the time Sam and I arrived at the University, we went out looking for him. As I begun to search the trails I didn’t find our friend, but found Sam on one knee instead.

We had the best day ever celebrating the start of our marriage with our friends and family in our favorite city, Minneapolis! I am so grateful for Mikaella to have been such a big part of my day! I felt so joyful, comfortable and pampered on our big day! It was truly perfect!

Jewelry: Schmidt’s Fine Jewelry Fargo
Decor: Something Borrowed Minneapolis
Day of Coordinating: Nicole and Co

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Minneapolis, MN

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