Alyssa and Jonas

Couple’s Wedding Story:

My Mom invited me to a Pennsylvania Wine Society event without me knowing she had the intention of introducing me to Jonas. At the end of the event, she marched me right up to Jonas, introduced us, and walked away.

For our first date we went to a restaurant claiming to have live music. They didn’t, but conversation was so easy we barely noticed. He challenged me to a game of darts and I beat him. Then we decided to continue the date at Millworks where we could walk around. Conversation was so easy, it was obvious neither of us were ready for the date to end. Our second date lasted almost eleven hours, so we decided that counted as dates 2, 3, and 4. That was when I just knew he was the one for me!

For my 30th birthday, Jonas surprised me with a trip to go whale watching in Boston. He knew this was the number one thing on my bucket list. I was so excited about the trip. All of my friends were telling me this was going to be when he proposed and I didn’t believe them. I told them that would be too obvious.

When the boat was on its way back to the harbor from whale watching, Jonas asked if we should get a picture of the two of us on the boat. We stood up and I realized the couple taking our picture was not holding his phone. Next thing I knew, Jonas dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He carefully pulled the ring out of the box, handed it to me and said “Don’t drop it, it’s the only one for me.” I had told my Mom a nightmare a few days before the trip about dropping it overboard, and of course she had told him about it. When Jonas explained my ring, I understood what he meant when he said it was the only one for me. He used my grandmother’s ring and his grandmother’s ring to create mine. Jonas even included my Mom in helping design my ring. The sentimental value of my ring makes it even more perfect than I already thought it was.

When I went dress shopping, I orignially wanted something flowly and light. As I started trying dresses on, I quickly realized that these dresses just swallowed me up. My consulted suggested a Mikaella dress, and I immediately knew it was the one. I didn’t know a wedding dress could be so comfortable, light, and incredibly flattering.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic was truly difficult. We went back and forth many times on what to do, made a million changes to everything that was already planned, and decided to still have our wedding. Even with everything going on, it was everything we imagined and more. We felt so loved, had so much fun with everyone around us, and danced the night away.

Music: 3 West Productions
Catering: Festive Board Catering

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