Alyssa and Josh

Couple’s Wedding Story:

How We Met
We met in Louisville, KY when both of us took a semester long co-op with GE Appliances in 2010. We got to know each other by attending the various fun events and activities for all the co-ops. After Josh spent three months laying down his finest game to try to get a date, he was finally successful and we spent our first date at the local Steak ‘n Shake…big spender!

We continued dating until November 2016 when Josh finally decided it was time to take the next step.
It was a fall Saturday morning which meant I was watching ESPN College Gameday of course. Josh said he was going to go out and run a few errands and that when he got back they should go to brunch and then to the park to look at the leaves. I thought it was a little odd that Josh wanted to go to brunch during the Ohio State football game, but I said ok. Little did I know that Josh’s “errands” actually consisted of going to the airport to pick up my sister, Stephanie, going to the grocery store, going to the park to scout out a location for the proposal, and then dropping Steph off at a coffee shop. Josh returned home and I didn’t think anything of how long Josh had been gone because I got to watch Gameday in peace and quiet.
We went to brunch at Wild Eggs (which amazingly had a TV with the Ohio State game on) and then we went to one of our favorite places, Cherokee Park. Josh insisted that instead of walking on the paved path we should walk on the dirt path through the woods. I complained because I wasn’t wearing the right shoes for this, but went anyway. Then in a beautiful spot in the woods where all the leaves were changing colors, Josh got down on one knee and proposed. Steph was disguised and hiding behind the trees and was able to document the entire thing with beautiful photos! After the proposal I was so surprised and excited to see that Steph was there.

Finding My Dress
From the start of my wedding dress search, I knew I wanted a dress that was simple and didn’t have lace, but I soon realized that very few dresses fit this description. At the 6th bridal store I went to, I tried on my first Mikaella dress, style number 2090. It was by far my favorite dress I had tried on yet, but I still didn’t quite feel like it was the one. I continued going to more bridal stores and trying on more dresses. After going to 13 stores, I ended up at Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC. It was a different experience than every other store I had been to since it was my consultant picking out the dresses, not me. I initially explained to my consultant what I was generally looking for and what I had liked so far, but didn’t show any photos or mention any brand names. I tried on 6 dresses, but none of them were it. With each one, I explained what I did and didn’t like. The 7th dress she brought out happened to be the same Mikaella dress that I had tried on previously! She was obviously getting close to something I really liked. She then brought out another similar Mikaella dress that I loved, but it still wasn’t quite the perfect one. She then remembered another Mikaella dress they had in the back… she brought out style 2115 and it was simply perfect! I loved everything about it and immediately knew it was the one for me! The style was flawless in my eyes – simple, striking, and no lace. The material was like nothing I had seen in any other dress with the right amount of shine and thickness. I loved the open back, the size of the train, the buttons all the way down the train, the neckline, and the cutouts on the side. It was perfect and I had finally found my dress! I went to 14 bridal stores and tried on 96 dresses before finally finding the one. Along the way, I became a little discouraged and thought I should just settle for one of the dresses that I had liked, but didn’t love. I am so glad I kept going, because it was undoubtedly worth it!

On the day of the wedding I couldn’t have felt more beautiful, and I received numerous compliments on my dress. The day turned out great and we had so much fun celebrating with our family and friends. The dress was so comfortable and I had no issues wearing it all day or dancing in it! Thank you for making this amazing dress!

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