Alyssa and Ryan

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Ryan and I started dating in 2006 in our sophomore year of high school. Before we started dating we were close friend which our relationship grew stronger. From when we first meet we always had a strong bond. Our strong relationship showed when I went away to college for two years and we were closer than ever.

We both knew we always wanted to marry each other and in 2017 we got engaged. We were vacationing at a Sandals resort in Grenada, It was our 5th night into our vacation when he proposed. He had candles, rose petals, and will you marry me written in palm leaves. We are very private people and loved how intimate this was. When we got back we were excited to start planing. We knew we wanted to have our wedding local so all our close family and friends could be there. After looking at 54 wedding venues, we fell in love with Giorgio’s for December of 2019. I knew I wanted a DIY wedding since I am very creative.

When it came to the dress, I always envisioned a lace gown with bell sleeves. After going to 24 bridal stores I started losing hope. We went our our last store which was Sayville Bridal and I saw the dress right away. I put on the dress gave it the bell sleeves look from the train and I knew I wanted this dress. Although I changed the whole look of the gown with adding sleeves, changing the back, and adding buttons all down the train it was the dress of my dream. Before I picked out my gown I knew I wanted to wear my aunts wedding crown from when she was married back in the 1950’s. This crown worked great with the dress and Marie from did a wonderful job restoring it. After working hours on hours our day has finally came and although there was bumps that night it was perfect and I got to marry my best friend.

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