Couple’s Wedding Story:

We had the perfect engagement up on the slopes in Tignes, I’d always dreamed of getting proposed to up in the mountains – so it was rather magical.

We actually got married on the day the country went into lockdown!
It was a horrible week, starting with being evacuated out of Spain with all my girls, from my hen… flying back to England thinking, will we be getting married.
My now sister In law called crying – she lives in America – and trump had just announced that America was on a lock down, so she couldn’t fly over.
My grandparents couldn’t come, they’re a huge part of my life.
The venue was on and off the entire week.

We got to Thursday and we had driven over to the venue with all of our things, I remember sitting on the sofas with my parents waiting for the 5pm announcement, the relief when Boris hadn’t announced lock down came, was overwhelming.
We all had dinner at the venue and went to bed early.

The next day was a whirl wind – although a lot of tears and emotions, as you can see in one of our aisle pictures. Not having everyone we loved there, it was still magical… as we sat down for our meal at 5pm… someone jumped and said, we made it just in time! Boris had announced a lock down as of tomorrow!

We feel so blessed and grateful through all the stress and tears and honestly have the most amazing people in our lives.
My heart hurts for all those brides yet to have their day – but trust me, it’ll happen, it just might not be what had been planned, like us… but the outcome, I’m now Mrs Hayes and couldn’t be happier

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