Angela and Tim

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Tim and I are both professional pilots and we met at the Atlanta Airport when our employer paired us as a flight crew in Fall of 2013. I remember our first trip being full of fun conversation, jokes, and lots of laughs! At the trip’s end we went our separate ways, but continued to build on our amazing friendship, eventually dated, and ultimately fell in love!

It was mid-December 2018, Tim told me he was going to our friend’s house to help move furniture. Little did I know, Tim actually went to the Dallas Arboretum to plan the details of the night he would get down on one knee! On the evening of December 27th, Tim’s parents came into town from Arkansas to celebrate Christmas. I was told my parents had purchased tickets for all of us to journey through the Arboretum’s seasonal display that night. Halfway through the gardens, we stopped next to the biggest Christmas tree I had ever seen. It was spectacular – a great place to capture a photo! That is when Tim said to me, “Hey Ang, I think I know that guy over there but I can’t recall where I recognize him from?” He was referring to a photographer taking photos of people near the Christmas tree. As I was distracted, Tim said, “Hey, you’re Harry, right?” Harry (the photographer Tim had hired) came walking toward us. Next, the love of my life down on his knee! Magical words, ring in hand, and the biggest smile on his face!!! I SAID YES to that very special question he asked that night!!!!!!!!!!

With the last name Snow, we knew a winter wedding was a must. Centerton, Arkansas was the first place we called home as a couple so celebrating our biggest date in Arkansas seemed like a natural fit. Our Snow Wedding landed on 02.20.2020 – a Thursday! We chose our two favorite venues in the area – the stunning Mildred B. Cooper Chapel for our Ceremony and The Ravington for our Reception. Winter whites and emerald green with a combination of berry colors gave our color palette an unexpected pop! I choose my Mikaella Bridal Gown because of its simple, timeless elegance. In contrast our florals were full of color and texture! A huge highlight was having my Grandparents join us on our day. They had just celebrated their 64th Wedding Anniversary two days before Our Wedding! A huge thank you to Emily Ross Photography for capturing our day so beautifully!

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Bella Vista, Arkansas

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