Angela and Joseph

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Joe and I grew up 10 minutes away from each other in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. We had many mutual friends, but never crossed paths until college. I attended West Chester University and so did many of his friends. We met at a party and shortly after were officially dating. In 2017, Joe and I had planned what would be the most memorable trip of our lives. We had been wanting to travel to California for quite a few years and decided to book the trip in January of 2017. Little did I know that Joe was planning to propose. The third day of our trip we planned to hike the Hollywood sign. It was something we had been talking about for months! About 30 minutes in when we had a great view of the sign, he told me to pose for a picture and got down on one knee and proposed! It was the most incredible trip of our lives and a day I will never forgot.

Joe and I knew we wanted to get married in the city; we just had to find the perfect venue. We were not in love with the ballroom venues and wanted to make sure that the space was intimate and unique. The overall theme of the wedding was classic, traditional, with touches of natural elements to soften the feel. We saw Union Trust and our jaws dropped. We had found the perfect space.

Our families are both roman catholic but my family also practices the Armenian Catholic Rite. We had a traditional catholic ceremony with two Armenian Blessings that were incorporated into the mass held at St. Augustine Church. The first blessing involved two crowns that are joined together by a ribbon. The crowns symbolize our unity and the color of the ribbons represent Life (white), Grace (red) and Prosperity (green). During the second blessing, Joe and I drank blessed wine. The wine symbolized life – it has a sweet and sour side. It will be a mixture of joy and sorrow. Our love and unity will help us face the good and the bad that will come in life.

Now with all of that said, Joe and I are so incredibly happy. We shared the most sacred and special day of our lives surrounded by our family and friends. We hope that every couple gets the chance to experience the excitement and thrill we did throughout their engagement all the way up to the wedding.

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