Anna and Ryan

Couple’s Wedding Story:

We met playing on an intermural kickball team in Chicago. At the time, we were both in long-term relationships but always got along really well. We remained close friends for several years, while dating other people, and eventually when both relationships ended, we started spending time together.

The progression of the relationship was slow at first, but finally, in August 2015 we began officially dating. Once we were official it was off to the races from there! That first year we spent the holidays together and introduced one another to our families, took several trips, went camping & hiking, and started looking for a home to buy.

In December 2016 we bought a condo in Chicago and immediately started renovating. We joke that we were urban camping because we didn’t have hot water for 3 weeks or a functioning kitchen – making all our meals on a George Foreman grill or in the microwave.

The morning of March 3, 2018, Ryan asked me to go for a run. While I am not an avid runner like Ryan is, I reluctantly decided to go.

We showed up to Brands Park where we originally met, 5 years prior, playing kickball. After walking through the park we stopped at a bench and it is here where Ryan got down on one knee and proposed.

When we were running back to our house, I was afraid I was going lose the ring so I ran with clenched fists all the way home where champagne was waiting.

We started calling our friends and family to celebrate!

We knew we wanted to have a short engagement and get married in the fall, so we immediately started planning. I was an event planner so I really enjoyed planning the details of the wedding. I was honestly such a stress-free bride. Everything was amazing!

Catering: Gilmore Catering, Holland, MI
Band: Bluewater Kings Band, Grand Rapids, MI
Popsicles: Great Scott Ice Cream

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Wedding Location:

Saugatuck, MI

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