Capri and Kyle

Couple’s Wedding Story:

My now husband and I met in a country dance bar where a band was playing. He came up and asked me to dance even though he was not that great of a dancer. I thought it was really brave and outgoing of him. Turns out dancing with him was the best decision I have ever made. He is the most amazing man and I am so lucky to have him in my life. He works so hard and sacrifices a lot to make me happy and for our future. He makes me a better person every day I am with him. The best way to describe our relationship is I keep our heads in the clouds, dreaming and soaring on different adventures, whereas he keeps us grounded and provides a solid foundation for us to grow from!

Our wedding day was the best day. I am sure everyone says that, but we were surrounded by our family and closest friends as well as the people who helped raised us in our small towns. We both grew up in small towns and were blessed to have a village around us to help us become the adults we are. We were beyond blessed to have them all come to support our marriage and party the night away with us to celebrate our union!!

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