Couple’s Wedding Story:

How we met: We met when we were 11 years old at swim practice. Drew was brand new to the team and I was talking to my friend about my swimsuit being see through in the bottom area and how my dad would not buy me a new one. I look over my shoulder and see this new boy and say “You better not stare at my butt”, jumped in the pool, and the rest is history.

Engagement: Well it’s a funny story. We had not had a date night in a while and we had planned on trying a new restaurant. Midday, I told Drew, I’m not feeling well, can we just stay home and watch movies and he was adamant that we go out and dress up for it. His idea of dressing up was a tie and my idea of dressing up on that day was a sweater, and I told him not to wear the tie it was too much (he did anyways)! We get to the restaurant and there is a photographer walking around and I don’t think anything of it due to there being an engagement party in one of their private rooms. We order and Drew states we have to get oysters, which did not sound good due to not feeling well but I went with it. The waiter comes out with the oysters and points to one side and states these are from the West coast and these are from the East coast, pauses and then goes “and now I’m going to turn them”. I’m looking at the waiter like, I have no idea why you just turned that but say thank you and he leaves. I look at Drew and he’s just grinning and gets up and all I can think is “thank goodness he is going to turn the tray back so I know which oysters are which”. As he is getting up he flings an oyster fork into the air and I start laughing. But when he goes to pick it up, he gets down on one knee and he pulls a ring out from one of the decorated oysters. I was completely surprised, which was his goal. The photographer was for capturing our moment. I asked him why didn’t he force me to dress up more, but it was my own fault.. he gave me plenty of hints!

Finding my dress: My mom, sister, and I had a girls weekend and they wanted to go look at dresses. We called Miss Ruby’s bridal shop to see if they had an opening. They were amazing and we had a blast. The first dress was the Mikaella 2200 and my mom was like it was the one and I started tearing up. I loved the crepe material and how it was simple and elegant. My sister was like it’s the one, but you need to try on a puffy dress (I think for her, not for me). Nothing compared to how I felt in the Mikaella dress, so I ended up buying it. The only problem is that I didn’t have my best friends there. So I planned to go “dress shopping” with my mother, aunt, 2 best friends, sister, soon to be sister-in-law and soon to be mother-in-law. What they didn’t know is I was asking the girls to be in the bridal party and that I had already bought my dress. Miss Ruby’s was amazing and they let us come back in and pretend like it was the first time. We actually sat down and the Mikaella 2200 gown was on a mannequin and my mother-in-law stated “Cati, that is the one, I can just feel it!” So the bridal consultants brought in extra gowns to look like I was going to try on more. I walked out in my dress and everyone started tearing up. My best friend stated “you love it don’t you?” all I could say was “yes and I already bought it a few months ago”. At first there was confusion but then they realized I wasn’t kidding about already buying the dress. Honestly, the dress was amazing and made me feel elegant, strong, and beautiful.

Wedding day: What can I say, it’s 2020! We originally planned on 300 guests (Drew and I were both collegiate swimmers plus have large extended families). Around July, we realized we did not want to cause anyone stress about having to cancel flights, hotels, or plans due to the coronavirus. So we cut down our number to 50 people- close friends and family. It was a day filled of love and laughter (especially when I stated a wrong word in our vows)! We wouldn’t have changed anything. We cannot wait to celebrate our 1st anniversary with a larger party (depending on how 2021 is going).

Cookies: Wisconsin Cookie by Kendall
Invites: BroadwayPaper in Milwaukee WI

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Madison, WI

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Hyvee- Fitchburg with Scott

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Find my dress