Erica and James

Couple’s Wedding Story:

James and I met in 2013 through a mutual friend. We grew up in the same town so we’ve known of each other for many years. When I saw him in 2013 he leaned in to give me a hello hug and I pulled away like “who the heck is this guy?” When my friend told me it was James Kennedy I felt so bad and went up to him to give a proper hello. He thought I was a little crazy for acting so much different than before, but then asked me over for some Corona’s and old cartoons.

We dated for 4 years and on a family vacation to North Carolina, he proposed with my late grandmother’s engagement ring on a beach with my whole family there. It was a DREAM.

Our wedding day flew by in a flash but we made a promise to stop at various times throughout the night, look at each other, and take it all in. I believe that made the memories of that day more special and vivid. Being married is so great, being married to your best friend feels like I won lottery. #TwoLuckyKennedys

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