Falynn and Dakrin

Couple’s Wedding Story:

How We Met:
Dakrin and I have a mutual friend who had tickets to a concert. We didn’t know each other at the time but our friend picked us up and took us to the show. We just hit it off and were inseparable from then on out!

Dakrin has family all over the world. He booked us a trip to Norway in August 2018; I was under the impression it was to meet some of his family there. Our flight there got delayed and we missed our connecting international flight. It turned out to be a headache getting to Stavanger but we finally made it! We had a whole road trip planned through the fjords of southern Norway which was beautiful. Part of me wondered if he was going to propose, but with all of the hiking and change of air bnbs every night I was thinking there was no way he was lugging around a ring! On our last stop/hike of the trip, we climbed the steepest mountain in the area, Mount Slogen. It was the hardest hike we had ever done together. We finally got up to the top and decided to have some lunch. I was enjoying the scenery, not even noticing he was setting up a tripod with a camera to record the whole thing! He found a rock to sit on, he got close to me (which I thought he was scooting me over to have more room), pointed out all of the cool rocks around, and then pulled out the ring box with the ring and asked “What do you think about this rock?” I was so surprised, I didn’t know what to say at first! It’s a yellow diamond so I was literally thinking “what rock is that!?” I of course said yes after a nervous laugh/cry combined. It was the most beautiful view with the most beautiful diamond on my hand! We never talked about rings or anything before, but he somehow just knew that I wanted a vintage ring with three diamonds! It was such a magical experience.

I was most excited about my dress. Throughout my life, I never dreamt of anything my wedding would be like, I would always just dream about my dress. I thought I wanted an A line dress with lace up top and satin down below. I searched online to get ideas for weeks. I finally made some appointments in October 2018 at four to five different dress shops. At the first stop, I learned that what I thought I always wanted was actually not as appealing as I had hoped. The last dress I tried on was Style 2105. It checked all my boxes – long sleeve, open back, buttons down the back. But it was way more tight fitting that I had ever imagined myself wearing. I’m very self conscious about my body and don’t like showing it off, so to be the center of attention at my wedding in something this tight, it was hard to me to swallow. It looked stunning though. It felt so right, but I wasn’t convinced since it was so opposite of what I always dreamt of. I tried on a total of 60 dresses throughout the next month or so. Style 2105 was my new standard, trying to find something better but more similar to what I thought I wanted. At Brickhouse Bridal, the last shop, they had the dress. I tried it on again, and I never felt more beautiful and comfortable. I was convinced this was it, and got it! It was the best day!! I couldn’t wait to wear it. On my wedding day, it was so comfortable and stunning. I did not want to take it off! It was the definition of perfect!

Wedding Day Experience:
The day of my wedding was so dream like. I felt refreshed and excited but not nervous! I was so happy to have my hair and make up done, to have my girls there and my mother to shower me with love and support. It was all I ever imagined. We had such a fun time hanging out and laughing and sharing stories before getting dressed. I couldn’t wait to get in my dress and get the whole look together. I was getting impatient while waiting for the cue to start walk down the aisle – I wanted to see my handsome husband at the altar! As soon as they said “you’re up!” I had a huge overwhelming feeling of stage fright seeing the 300+ people in the pews. Thankfully I had my mother-in-law at the front to give me cues to slow down, lower my bouquet, and smile instead of cry! I arrived at the altar and couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day! The ceremony was beautiful. It was rushed for us afterwards trying to get pictures before the sun set but we made it work! Arriving to the reception with food and drinks waiting for us was nice. The moments my husband and I had in our get-away suite to just catch a breathe and ask the other how they’re doing was crucial. All of the little details we had planned from the centerpieces, custom music, custom cake, etc was all perfect to the T. The rest of the night was filled with with laughs, drinks, and dancing! It was a huge party that was exactly what we wanted. We ended the night driving off to our hotel in a white Vespa. Couldn’t have been more perfect!

Bouquet/Photobooth Decor: Bay of Laurel Event Design
Catering: Culinaire Catering
Production: GTX Production
Floral/Decor: Simply Beautiful Flowers & Events/Delena Dow Lay & Self
Invitations: Minted
Photobooth/Vinyl Table Assignments: LG Event Production

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