Gab and Jordan

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Jordan and I have known each other for ten years this year. We have been together for 4 of those 10 years . This year we decided to make our love official however we didn’t want a big wedding. I’ve always wanted to elope on a trip and Jordan wanted a small wedding. We compromised and had a secret wedding.

We decided to get married back in October for the following July. No one but a few close friends were in on the secret. (Basically my unofficial bridesmaids as I didn’t want to dress shop alone!) We tricked all of our loved ones into showing up. Both sets of parents were celebrating 30 years of marriage this year!! (Congrats mom and dad x2!) We told them for their anniversaries we got them a family photo shoot. We got our families to meet us at our favourite spot in our favourite park. Upon showing up for their “family photo shoots” they walked into to our wedding!

This place is special to us as it’s where we would go hiking when we were first falling in love. After our very intimate ceremony (with only our parents, a few close friends and one aunt each) we had rented a cute firestone pizza bistro and had dinner and drinks there with immediate family and a few friends. We then headed to Jordan’s parents and had a wild barn party. This day was small, intimate and turned into a wild party as we invited more extended friends to Jordan’s “birthday party”… upon showing up to what they thought was a keg party for Jordan’s birthday they realized we had just eloped! It was everything we wanted and more!

I would totally recommend surprising your family with a wedding! Both families were so excited to just be a part of the party and not have all the stress and planning of this big day. And we got our very happy medium day! I got my elopement and Jordan got his small wedding!!

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Sandilands, MB

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