Haley and Dan

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Dan and I met in Toronto when we were both kids. Dan’s family moved from Newfoundland the same year my family moved from Calgary. We moved right across the street from each other. We were always family friends going up. As we grew and went off to University we didn’t see each other for about 6 years. One night my older brother brought him out to a bar where I was once night for a drink. And well you could say both our jaws dropped and we both said “ wow! Well you grew up!”. Dan shortly after asked me out on a date and since then it’s been 8.5 years now together and one year and 3 months married.

For our engagement, Dan 3 years ago, set up a surprise trip to Cuba with my family and work so that I could get the time off. 3 days before we left he told me we were going for my birthday and didn’t have to worry about a thing. While we were down there on my actual birthday he explained he had a photoshoot on the beach set up for us. Had a bottle of champagne ready to pop and a bunch of Cuban cigars. Made for a great photo shoot. I proceeded to pop the champagne and with that he tapped on my shoulder and I turned to see that he was down on one knee in front of a gazebo facing the ocean in Cuba. My jaw fell to the floor and I had no words. I cried so hard the only thing I could do was nod my head over and over saying yes. The best decision I’ve made my whole life.

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