Hannah and Jake

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Jake and I live in New York City; at the time we met, he had been here already for 5+ years; myself, only a couple of months. I will never forget the night that we met; it was December 27, 2013, we had both just returned to the City after being home for Christmas with our families. He had made plans for us to meet for a drink at this cute and cozy little cocktail bar in the neighbourhood of TriBeCa. I vividly remember climbing the stairs to the second floor (where the bar was located) and with each step, slowly taking in the moment, wondering if my life was about to change. Needless to say, it did! In more ways than I could have ever imagined! As mentioned, I had only been in NYC for a couple of months at that point; but meeting Jake experiencing life with him made this massive and uninviting city begin to feel so much like home for me. After only a couple of weeks, I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Fast forward 3 years and a couple of months to the night of our engagement. We were in his apartment when he grabbed my hand, dropped to his knee, said he loves me and wants to spend his life with me…and then those 4 words every girl dreams of hearing… And I said Yes! (Fun Fact: The exact song that was playing when he proposed [I Get To Love You, by: Ruelle], became our first dance song, the lyrics couldn’t be more perfect for how we feel about each other.) We popped champagne and headed to dinner – where he surprised me AGAIN to have both of our parents who had travelled into town to celebrate with us (mine from GA and his from Philadelphia). Makes me emotional to this day; I can’t begin to explain how much that gesture meant to me! Following dinner, all of our friends surprised us at the bar of the restaurant we were at with our parents. Such a memorable night, full of so much love!

I never really dreamed of a specific wedding theme or season to get married…but when we began the planning process, everything seemed to fall into place, and the details of our special day just made perfect sense for us. We were afraid that a Fall wedding would be too quick to plan, and we didn’t want to extend our engagement for over a year, so we landed on a Christmas-time wedding. I’ve always been a home body, very sentimental, and raised on traditions (especially around Christmas). With that, we booked December 9th in Highlands, NC, where my family had spent the past 20 years celebrating the holidays together. Nothing made my heart so warm to imagine all of our loved ones under one roof, with Christmas cheer in their hearts, next to roaring fireplaces!! The theme was essentially that. Not “Christmas” themed, but rather an intimate setting, with the sense of holidays, warmth, family, and togetherness. December in the South, we expected temperatures to be in the 40s, and in the back of my mind I was secretly hoping for a little dusting of snow for aesthetics….Well, the day before our wedding, 15” of snow dumped on the little mountain town, creating an insane travel experience for our guests and vendors. Sparing all of the details, a lot of plans changed within the 24 hours leading up to our big day…but I can’t imagine it any other way!

With that said, Saturday morning (the day of our wedding) we woke up to bright blue skies and fresh powder covering everything! It was truly a winter wonderland! Our ceremony began at 5:30PM, so just past sunset. It was tented, outdoors, and candlelit…Clear sides covered the tent to keep guests [somewhat] warm, but also creating the illusion of a snow globe! It was magical!

The Dress!!: I have always aimed to do things differently when it comes to style. Knowing I was getting married in December, I thought it was a good opportunity to wear long-sleeves; but everyone does lace! I began scouring sites, blogs, pinterest, etc. and found the Mikaella 2105. It is the perfect amount of simple, timeless and classy; however, the tight fit, the low back, and embellished waistline created interest, and added an element of ‘fashion-forward’ to the overall look. The dress truly fit the scenery of our wedding day as if it were custom-made. It was beautiful against the crisp white snow and bright blue skies!!

Band: Mo’Sol
Day-of Wedding Coordinator: Donna Woods

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