Helen and Norm

Couple’s Wedding Story:

On our wedding day, it POURED rain! We loved every second, and the storms only added to the intimacy and magic of our wedding.

Norm and Helen met at WordStream, exchanging sideways glances in awkward silence (or even more awkward small talk) in the office kitchen. Eventually, Norm managed to convince Helen to write down a fake phone number for him at a work social event, and the rest is history!

You may recall the Snowmageddon of 2015 in Boston, where the city was bombarded with 108 inches of snow. It was during these snowstorms that the couple grew impossibly close. They would purposefully get stuck together in Norm’s Somerville apartment during these storms (despite Helen’s apartment in the South End being 2 blocks away from the office) – and as a result, they would need to ‘work from home’ together for days on end. The two were inseparable. With Helen bringing Norm to figure skating competitions, and Norm dragging Helen to wait in line for limited release beer, they would find any, and every, excuse to be near each other.

Together, Norm and Helen spent their free time as hikers, bikers, campers, runners, skiers, travelers, beach bums, and concert-goers. They moved into their Somerville apartment in 2016, where they developed a love for cooking, yelled at the TV during Patriots games, and watched their two cats (Toby & Smokey) become more and more plump.

In 2017, Norm and Helen uprooted and split for the West Coast. The move was a huge change for the couple, and the experience brought them even closer together than they ever thought possible. In no time, Norm proposed on top of Mount Tallac in Lake Tahoe in an epic display, combining love and adventure. Most recently, the two have welcomed another furry friend to their family. Bob, the puppy, has fully captured the hearts of the couple – and also of every stranger walking the streets of San Francisco.

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Harrington Farm - Princeton, MA

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