Jacqueline and Chandler

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Chandler and I met in 2013 at the University of New Hampshire and started dating in 2014. Quickly coined “JackieChan” by our friends and family. Engaged in Canyonlands National Park, Utah in 2021, and had the perfect wedding day on 10/07/2022 at the historic Pierce House.

Even though I had pre-selected all of the gowns I wanted to try on at the first bridal shop we went to, my mom went rogue and pulled one off the rack. It happened to be a Mikaella and I fell in love with it. Immediately I knew my dress would be a Mikaella. It was between that one and the one I ultimately selected, nothing else compared. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect dress!

Besides the perfect 75 and sunny degree day (lucked out being in New England as the weather could have easily been 45), the best part of our day was getting down on the dance floor surrounded by family and friends. They kept the party going until we were kicked out at closing time. Best day ever!

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