Jennifer and Alec

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Hello, Here is a little about our story. Our paths crossed in June 2015 when we were both separately invited to a weekend of camping and boating on Lake Mead, Nevada. During that trip, we drank, wake boarded, shared stories and celebrated a birthday with friends. When the weekend ended, we returned home (hungover of course!). Alec and I went our separate ways and over the next few months, radio silence.

Until…. One day in August. I asked Michele how Alec had done in his recent Ragnar Relay Race (yes he’s crazy). Michele told me all about the trip and I knew I wanted to reach out to him.

Sooo, on 08/17/15, I sent him a Facebook message (classy I know). Thankfully, he responded. A few weeks after our first phone conversation, I left for a month long trip to Europe. During that time, we still kept in touch. When I returned home, we planned our first date. A classy date with burgers and beer (so us). The date was amazing and we quickly planned a second.

Alec and I have officially been together since October 2015 after he nervously asked me to be his girlfriend. During our relationship, we have traveled the world (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Norway, Jamaica, Bahamas, Singapore, and Mexico), picked up new hobbies together such as dirt biking, golf, and tennis, and raised two beautiful dogs (Buddy and Madison Ann). During the last five years, our love for each other has grown stronger and stronger.

On August 30th, 2019 Alec and I embarked on our last lake trip of the year. We have a tradition that the first and last lake trips are just the two of us ( & the dogs); so this trip was no different (well at least that’s what I thought). We packed up the truck, hitched up the boat, and set off to Arizona. By the afternoon, we were at our favorite cove.

The next morning, Alec set up the bbq and fired up the coffee maker. As we drank our coffee and watched the boats drive by, Alec said to me, “I got something new for Madison Ann to wear.” Being my compassionate self, I yelled, “it better not be something stupid with Budweiser on it.” He laughed and took her into the tent.

As I sit in my chair, sipping my coffee, Alec yells out of the tent, “Don’t look back, just let her run up to you.” Alec unzipped the tent and Madison Ann approached my chair. I looked down at her and saw she was wearing a sign around her neck that said, “Will you MARRY ME?” I turned around to see Alec on one knee holding my dream ring. As you all know, I said YES and we celebrated all day.

Finding my wedding dress at Pebbles Bridal was so special. Since we had planned to get married on 08/08/2020 and decided to keep that date even through covid we were faced with more than a few challenges. My thought process was “were not guaranteed tomorrow so why postpone when we might not get another chance.

So my girlfriends and I booked an appointment at Pebbles Bridal in LA. The ladies inside the shop were amazing. I told her I wanted a simple dress. She picked out 5 for me to try and the first one was a winner. She told me I should try on all the dresses and I am so glad I did. The last dress was absolutely stunning, only my body type (big butt) wasn’t working with the slim bottom. The consultant told me Mikaella might be able to combine the two dresses. A phone call was made and they said they could combine the two dresses and make my dream wedding dress. We were so excited and couldn’t stop jumping up and down. It was PERFECT.

Due to Covid we had to adjust our wedding plans slightly but ultimately it was perfect for us! Thank you for making my day so special by making me my dream wedding dress!!

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