Karlie and Frank

Couple’s Wedding Story:

How Did We Meet?
(We met and went on our first date all in the same day) here’s the story.

It was just like any other Saturday except my Mom was in town for the weekend and usually when she is in town, we always have one day we get up and take on the town. We grab lunch, run any errands that we have and go shopping!

—Side note
So over the last couple years I’ve been going into Gregory Jewelers for little things here and there, whether it’s a fix or maybe some fun custom design using something I already own. They always do a great job and Frank was always the guy to help me out. I even, which is super embarrassing, one day went in for fun and tried on every ring in that place and Frank gladly with a grin helped me… we just chatted and he told me about all the stones and what they are, etc. So basically before the day we formally met, we kinda knew who each other were.

So anyways back to the day we met.
That weekend my mom had brought me this sweet little blue topaz bracelet but two of the links were loose and it was too big, so we decided to add Gregory’s to our errand list. We walked in and were immediately greeted by Gregory himself, we began to tell him the issue and we decided to size the bracelet to my wrist and use the two loose links that made it too big into earrings! But… while we were talking about designing this piece, my mother made a funny comment about me dating a jeweler (which was super embarrassing) Gregory then lol’d and turned to the workshop, pointed and said, “What about Frankie.” I started to sweat when my mom laughed and said, “Well don’t you think he is a little old ?!?” Then Gregory realized he was pointing to his master jeweler who was not his son! We all laughed and Gregory said, “No no no my son, Frankie” by then Frank looked up and saw us all pointing and staring… while this was going on I was trying to avoid eye contact with him. His father then started asking me some questions about myself, where I worked, what I did in life. I told him that I worked at Frangipani Hair Studio and as soon as I said that he called out, “Joanne come out here,” then emerged Frank’s mother, Joanne. She was laughing because she was listening to the whole thing in the back, and we had come to find out she was already a client at the salon I worked at, so we started talking shop. During this whole time Frank and I keep catching each other’s eyes and are definitely curious about each other, it was kind of cute and made me feel like I was in middle school again. Our parents at the end were pushing us to go on a date and had us exchange phone numbers. I was super embarrassed that our parents totally just hooked us up but also very excited because I always thought he was attractive.

The First Date:
That same evening…
TWO Minutes! Two!!! After we left the jewelry store from this random meeting, Frank sent me a text. It was an invite to attend an event he was going to that night. I was totally thrown off by this… I mean I had never met a guy who was this ready for business on day one like he was. He didn’t want to waste anytime and I couldn’t wait to get to know him better! So only 5 hours after our first official meeting and phone number exchange, he picked me up for our first date. It was so much fun! He escorted me to an event at One Ocean were we ran into some family members and colleagues of his and mine. It was all so exciting, especially the conversation. We couldn’t get enough of each other’s story. We found ourselves sitting on these pool chairs outside, completely captivated by each other for the rest of the evening. As we were leaving we both didn’t want it to end so he asked if I wanted to grab some sushi and I was so in. We ate sushi and then finished off the night for more by going to his parents condo across the street, were they have a little fire pit area next to the beach, we then gushed on each other more and more until he took me home. It was truly love at first sight… I’ve never met someone in such an organic way. It felt so real, so natural. For both of us.

So I remember one day about 6 months into dating, we were riding in the car and I just asked him, “So kinda random question and just food for thought?!? Do you want to get married and do you want to have kids in the future,” and he looked over, he smiled and he said, “Of course I’m definitely on that path,” and I said, “All right babe! I figured but I just wanted to ask… and I’m not the girl to ever bring it up again but I’m glad we’re on the same path.” I’m pretty sure the next day he started looking at rings because it was only like 4 months later when we were moving in together that he proposed to me.

Engagement Story:
It was the week I moved into his home, 10 months after we started dating that he popped the question. May 5th. Cinco De Mayo… it was such a stressful week with the move and I don’t even think either one of us realized it was a party holiday that night. I got off work came home like normal and he wanted to go to dinner. He said, “Let’s celebrate us moving in together, let’s go to Ocean 60! I made a reservation!” Which is my all time favorite place for dinner.

But First!
Frank decided he wanted to go to One Ocean first and get a drink! He was trying to recreate the night we met but to his dismay when we got there it was packed with Cinco De Mayo celebrators and even a raunchy Bachelorette party. I, unaware of his sweet plan, started socializing with everyone and making conversation. Now that I look back, he wasn’t very into all the conversation because deep in his head he was trying to rework the plan now that it had been destroyed by debauchery. He then hurried me through my cocktail and we hightailed it across the street to Ocean 60 for the dinner portion of the evening… that’s when things got weirder.

We walked into Ocean 60 and gave them his name . The hostess then proceeded to wave her hands in the air and said, “Ohhhhh yes! Mr. Georgallis, we have your anniversary table ready for you!” I looked over at him and he looked mortified and confused… he then said really concerned… “I’m sorry you must have the wrong reservation. We are not celebrating our anniversary.” (When he called he asked for a special table in a quite place) For some reason they took it as an anniversary. I, for some reason, didn’t even blink an eye and was distracted by seeing a friend at the bar so I walked away. The hostess and him continued to talk and then they came over to escort me to the table.

When we got to the small two top in a small quite nook of the restaurant there were still “Happy Anniversary” signs with roses there. It really seems to bother Frank… he kept saying he didn’t understand why they put us there anyways. Now that I look back that could have definitely gave up a sign but I was so oblivious to the possibility I didn’t see. I only saw it as a funny mistake and we could still celebrate our move in. As dinner wrapped up he seemed quiet but serious. I excused myself to the bathroom and then when I came back he looked even more serious. He then grabbed my hand and said, “Babe there’s something I really need to tell you.” I instantly got nauseous, I mean what could he possibly have to tell me. I just moved in. I immediately started asking, “What babe what,” and then he dropped to the knee and said,  “I don’t want you to be my girlfriend anymore. I want you to be my wife. I meant to do this sooner because it was important to me and I wanted to make sure that when you moved in, you had a ring on your finger. Will you marry me?” I did the classic hand over my mouth and said yes yes yes! The best thing was… it was totally intimate. Not one soul saw or heard. As we paid the bill the waitress said, “How was your meal?” and I said, “It was fantastic! We got engaged!” And she freaked out and said “OMG! No one even saw it! Congrats.” On the way home we proceeded to pick up more champagne to drink while we made all our engagement phone calls! Best night ever.

Invitations: Etsy
Caterer: The Club Continental
Music: Kris Parnell at FootLoose
String Quartet: Jessie Polanis at Jax Strings
Dance Instructor: Tanya Ziegler at The Wedding Dance Studio/The Dance Shack

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