Katy and Ricky

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Katy and Ricky met in complete surprise. It was during the height of COVID, and all of LA was essentially shut down except for outside activities. Katy was leaving an outdoors Barry’s work out in Venice (per usual), with plans to meet a few friends at a drive-in movie in Santa Monica shortly after. A mutual friend was at Barry’s and suggested we can go to her friend’s place to freshen up after the work out before heading further north for the drive in movie. Katy agreed red-faced, sweaty, and hair up in a bun. Little did Katy know, she would be walking into a place that felt like home. Greeted at the door by Doug (the dog) and a warm smile from a guy she had never met, Ricky. Katy and Ricky have circled the same path for years throughout Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Venice, but never actually met until that day. Since then, it has been an amazing journey from the first date to many travels by car, boat, and plane. Life has been very full of delicious meals cooked by Ricky, travel adventures (one of which was driving cross country to South Bend LOL), and walks on the beach with Doug.

Katy and Ricky’s wedding was intimate in Indiana surrounded by family and close friends. Despite the snow storm and 18 degree weather, it was the most special day and one filled with love.

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