Kristen and Colin

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Growing up I had never dreamed of a big traditional wedding. In fact, I even thought marriage wasn’t for me! Turns out I just hadn’t met the right guy. Well, when I finally did get engaged, I still did not think I’d be the type of girl who cared about a wedding dress. I was going to find a cute little dress at the mall and that was that.

After some thought, we decided to elope just the two of us and so feeling a tad guilty over this, I invited my mom, mother in law and grandmother to try on dresses with me so they’d at least have that experience. I had tried on 5 or 6 gowns (all of which they ooo’d and ahhh’d over), but did not feel a thing for any of them. I felt self conscious and awkward! Then… I tried on this dress. The moment I put it on, everything changed. I suddenly saw myself standing on the beach in a beautiful white dress. I knew it was “the one”.

Although I had never before dreamt of being a bride, our day was everything I could have hoped for and more. I felt so beautiful! Thank you Mikaella Bridal for being a part of our special day. I often browse your Instagram wishing I could get married every year so I could choose another of your stunning dresses haha.

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Kauai, Hawaii

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