Kylie and Jon

Couple’s Wedding Story:

In New Orleans, every great story begins in a bar. So, it’s no coincidence that we met each other at the sports bar, Bruno’s, when I lived in the Big Easy. We arrived separately with different groups of friends but it just so happened that our friends were mutual. And conveniently, it also just so happened that there was only one empty seat next to me on the outdoor patio. Jon sat down, and we talked until long after our friends had gone inside. Not wanting to ruin a good thing, Jon told me he had to leave early to study but asked for my number so that the “groups of friends” could hang out again sometime. He called a week later and asked me to have tapas. And the rest they say, is history.

We dated through five years of new jobs, new cities, and more school and finally ended up in Dallas together. There, Jon proposed in a sweet and personal moment at our family home. I went right away to go dress shopping with my mom and sister at home in Kansas. I went to three places in one weekend, the second place I went I tried on Mikaella #2115 and fell in love immediately. But, I had to leave for my third appointment at another bridal shop. There, the bridal associate kept trying to put other dresses on me, and I kept telling her to take them off within minutes of trying them on. Finally she told me that if I had another dress in mind that I was comparing every dress to, then I needed to go back and buy that other dress! I left straight away and went back to make Mikaella #2115 mine. I was ecstatic to have found my perfect fit! My mom wanted me to ” dress it up” with a belt or a fur but I told her that what I loved about the dress was its elegant simplicity, and jaw-dropping back! I only wanted to top it off with a cathedral length veil and drop pearls.

Some months later, our January wedding took place in our new home of Dallas. With a Kansas girl and NOLA boy, it was easy for everyone to meet us where we lived together in the middle. We wanted our wedding day to feel like coming home – because that’s what it felt like when we were together. The day was focused on spending time with our friends and family and celebrating our love with lots of FUN. We chose a classic catholic cathedral for our ceremony that was located down the street from our townhouse and a local park with a big house for our reception. We invited guests from all over the country to come and celebrate with us. Some of my favorite pictures were from the end of the evening that we took in the black of night, looking like we are floating in our own sky.

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