Leslie and Connor

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Connor and I met through mutual friends at a bar during my Senior year of College at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Connor was already living in Omaha, NE but thankfully it was football season so he was back in Lincoln each weekend to cheer on the Huskers. We spent the fall getting to know each other and continued dating until my graduation in May. I am a high school chemistry teacher and I accepted my first teaching position about 3 hours west of Lincoln in Broken Bow, Nebraska. That put Connor and I about 3.5 hours away from each other for that first year. I loved my job in Broken Bow and the people I did it with but at the end of the year, I knew I wanted to be closer to Connor and relocated to Omaha.

Two years later, November 2017- after we had been together for 3 years, we were headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota to watch the Huskers take on the Gophers with a group of about 16 close friends. I was 100% not expecting a proposal, and truly thought when we got to town we were going to meet up and purchase tickets from a local. Connor and I had gone to Minneapolis during the first summer we dated and visited Stone Arch Bridge and that is where Connor said we were to meet to pick up ticket. We rode up with our close friends Taylor and Sarah Williams who were in on the whole surprise. When we arrived at the bridge on a cold, misty, November day I was more than willing to stay in the car. Sarah really wanted a picture so out we went to snap a photo. Still oblivious to Connor’s plan I snapped their photo and was ready to head back to the car to wait for the ticket seller when Connor planted a kiss on me. He proceeded to get down on a knee and propose. I was so happy to say yes. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with our closest friends.

Fast-forward to the following August 2018 and we are ready to do the dang thing! We were married in Pender, NE which is Connor’s hometown. The reception was at the new Community Center in Pender. The day was sunny and warm. Everything was done with local vendors. All decorating and design elements were done by my mother, siblings, and myself. My dress was purchased in Omaha at Ready or Knot – Wedding Chic and was my favorite detail and experience of the whole process. My dress shopping experience was so special as both my sisters and mom were able to attend. The dress 2107 was the last one I tried on after a day of shopping and it was perfect. I knew the moment I slipped it on.

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