Madi and Matt

Couple’s Wedding Story:

I met Matt at college; Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. For most of those 4 years, we were just great friends. It wasn’t until the end of that crazy adventure we began our own.

Shortly after graduation we moved into a tiny Doylestown apartment. For 3 years we lived in the magical town. Right before we had to move out of our sweet scenery, Matt took me out for a casual dinner. I was so hungry I didn’t realize he was trying to be romantic and take me the long way down memory lane. It wasn’t until we were out front of our first little apartment, with Matt down on one knee, I noticed he was proposing. Afterwards, at what I thought was a casual weekly dinner, was all of our family and friends. We celebrated all night in our beloved Doylestown.

That is why, 2 years later to the date, we got married under an over-100-year-old oak tree in our beloved town. The ceremony and reception was at this gorgeous historical mansion in Doylestown. It was the most perfect day.

Caterer: Jeffrey A. Miller

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