Maja and Remi

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Maja and Remi met in early spring of 2016 when they both joined the West End Co-Ed Softball League in Vancouver. Maja did not want to join, but her friend Gloria ensured her that she would have fun during the summer and she could maybe meet some cute boys. Remi had just moved to Vancouver and wanted to join the softball league to make new friends in a new city… and also meet some cute girls. The first softball games of the season started and Remi saw Maja walking to the field and thought to himself: “Look at that blonde hottie walking in.” When Maja walked in, she saw Remi, shirtless, sitting in a buddhist pose. She thought: “This guy looks kind of interesting.” Maja was shy at first and sat down close to the group Remi was sitting with. Remi immediately asked her if she wanted to sit with the group on a blanket. She agreed. Through conversation they both connected on a deeper level finding out they had both lost a sibling at a young age.

The weekly softball games would always progress into parties and outings afterwards. It is through these events and outings that Maja and Remi’s friendship developed. After a few months of friendship Remi had a feeling that Maja was interested in him. One night after a few drinks during a softball poker tournament she blabbed out how much she loved his laugh. Remi’s initial thought when hearing this was: “She’s totally into me.” She would later tell him that she was just drunk. Over the next several months, their love blossomed and they officially started dating on July 15, 2016.

Remi had been alluding to the fact that he did not believe in marriage for at least 3 months prior to the proposal, which really pissed off Maja. He had already known Maja was the one and had no doubt that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Maja and Remi had planned a trip to Tofino for Canada Day and Remi decided that this would be the perfect romantic setting to pop the question. He scoped out the hotel room surroundings and found a discrete dock that would allow for an “impromptu photo op” that would allow him to drop a knee and propose. He pretended to set up his camera with a timer to take a romantic photo, however he set the phone to video and started recording. The question caught Maja off guard, which was the exact reaction Remi was going for. SHE SAID YES!

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Wedding Location:

Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick, Canada

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Reception Venue

Remi's Grandmother backyard in Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick

Ceremony Venue

Friel Beach, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick

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