Mallory and Bennett

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Ben and I met in college at a divey little bar in downtown Akron (the good old fashion way you could call it!). We love to travel, drink craft beer, and hike. We’d been dating for 6 years before we got married and finally decided to do the darn thing!

Our wedding day was nothing short of magical. The most amazing part was seeing each other for the first time during our first look and then walking out of the church and seeing all those who were there to celebrate our love. It’d been a rough few years, but there was nothing more humbling and more inspiring then seeing all your favorite people in one place in support of your new beginning. It gives a whole new meaning to the word grateful. These photos and these memories will be treasures for ever. Our beloved puppy Baylee was able to come and give us love after we got married. She was 14 years old and a few short months after our wedding she passed away. She left this world knowing Ben and I would always have each other, and she made sure to see that through. We miss her and so many of our loved ones everyday, but their love and guidance have given us a foundation for a strong and happy marriage.

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