Mallory and Peter

Couple’s Wedding Story:

It was a setup. Right from the beginning it was all a giant setup. Two dear friends had mentioned that we would get along really well and so we decided to appease them.

Peter, wearing his argyle sweater, was seated at a small cafe in Cambridge, Ontario. Mallory, arriving fashionably late, had clammy hands and a nervous smile. After date one we both knew that we enjoyed each other’s company and we both left knowing that we wanted this to continue. Plus, Mallory loved the accent!

With thoughtful prayer and excitement, we decided to give this whole long distance thing a try! This was not an easy task, but we both decided that we were going to give this a fair shot. When we look back at our dating relationship, it’s filled with so many moments of joy, laughter, growth, trust and challenges.

Skipping all the boring/mushy details we finally arrived in the UK in October to visit Peter’s family. Whilst there we visited a little old village called Niton on the Isle of Wight where Peter grew up. Starting at his childhood home we took a short walk to the coast where Peter frantically searched for the pre-arranged photographer who was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately he managed to stall for 20 minutes and Mallory was none the wiser.

In a beautiful spot on a gorgeous day he went down on one knee and asked Mallory to be his wife.

From that moment on, it was 9 months of planning. Which was awesome, crazy and full of challenges along the way. Finding the dress, not a challenge.

Hi, Mallory here…
Like many women, I’ve always dreamed about my perfect dress. One that let me shine and fitted me to a T! As soon as I put on my dress, I loved it. For many reasons, but let’s start with the basics. IT. HAD. POCKETS. Need I say more? I also loved the fit and how comfortable it made me feel. This was a dress that I felt like my true self in, and I couldn’t wait to marry Pete in that dress! So ladies, if I can give you any advice. Try on anything and leave with a dress that you feel completely yourself in. You don’t want to be someone you’re not on your wedding day! Don’t try to look like whatever is popular on Pinterest. Stick to your guns and find a dress that allows your true beauty to shine! For me, that was a beautiful gown by Mikaella.

Fast forward a couple months and the wedding day was a beautiful day in July! The dress, flowers, decor and all of the fine details came together beautifully. It was an amazing day where we exchanged our vows to one another and celebrated with our closest friends and family! We could not have asked for a more beautiful, intimate, and meaningful day.

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Delaware, Ontario

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Ceremony Venue

My parents backyard!


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