McKenzie and Ian

Couple’s Wedding Story:

We met in the charming city of Santa Barbara, fate played its delightful game, intertwining our lives in a captivating dance. As college students, our apartments were stacked like jenga one above the other. We were practically living on top of each other, hollering down like a couple of crazies. Little did we know that those hollers would lay the foundation for an epic love story. We were just fresh-faced 19-year-olds when our hearts collided, and after a mind-boggling 11 years, we were ready to shout, “I do!”.

After trying on nearly 100 gowns, each one whispering promises of beauty, we finally found my reception dress – the one that encapsulated our unique love, a reflection of the laughter & screamed, “I’m ready to dance!” 😂 I even impulsively decided to grab some scissors and cut my veil on the dance floor to make it a cute short length to dance in! It was a hit!

I knew in my heart that this dress was not just fabric and lace, but a symbol of the unbreakable bond we forged throughout the years. I hope to one day pass it down to our own kids for them to enjoy on their wedding night! ❤️🥰

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