Michelle and Jody

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Lucky for both of us, we had a very similar vision for our special day which made the planning process easy and dare we say, fun! We knew we wanted a summer wedding with an intimate guest list and a laid back but still luxurious and whimsical vibe. Michelle did a lot of the heavy lifting & research (she is a project manager by day, so all these details were right up her alley) but she checked in with Jody every step of the way. The best part of the actual day was seeing each other all dressed up for the first time at our first look. We had breakfast together on the morning of our wedding and then Jody went to the spa for a massage (a surprise by Michelle) and Michelle started hair and makeup, and slipped into her dress. A few hours later, we were both shaking in our shoes with excitement to see each other. Michelle will never forget the look on Jody’s face when he first saw her all dressed up. It was so special!

How We Met: Michelle was at the beach with her sister one afternoon in July when a seagull dropped a huge poop right on Michelle’s leg. After her sister stopped laughing at the situation, they ran down to the ocean to clean off Michelle’s leg and then decided to go for a walk. Jody, a lifeguard at the time, spotted Michelle and her sister walking while on his run and jogged over to them and asked ‘Can I walk with you ladies for a few minutes?’ They walked together for a few minutes and exchanged basic info about each other (where they were from, where they worked, etc), but did not exchange phone numbers before Jody had to continue on his run and get back to work. Michelle went back to her seat thinking nothing of it until a few days later when she received a Facebook message from the lifeguard she had met on the beach during the weekend (Jody!). They went on their first date the next week and the rest is history!

Proposal: On their 4 year dating anniversary (a Wednesday), Jody told Michelle he was taking her to dinner. Michelle hadn’t really been in the mood to go out to eat after a long day at work, but she kept it to herself since it was their anniversary. Jody suggested taking his best friend’s boat to a restaurant on the water. Michelle agreed and Jody picked her up after work. Before getting on the boat, he stopped home to change into a button down shirt. He also mounted 3 Go Pro cameras in different areas of the boat. Michelle didn’t think anything of it… On the short trip down the canal, a drone appeared overhead. Michelle was waving to it and again, didn’t think anything of it. As they pulled up to the restaurant, Michelle spotted GIANT balloons spelling out ‘MARRY ME?’ Michelle’s first thought was ‘oh look, someone is getting engaged!’ It wasn’t until Jody pulled out a ring that she realized it was THEM who were getting engaged! To make the entire night better, their families, best friends and a professional photographer were waiting on the dock to celebrate with them & document the entire night!

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