Miranda and David

Couple’s Wedding Story:

How we met-
The Holiday Inn-East Hartford, March 2014
Miranda was working her first bartending job part time while going to grad school at the University of Hartford. Dave was on his first day of work as the new sous chef under our boss David Weber. Miranda had a “feeling” pretty early on (even after he told me he was a proud cat dad to a cat named “Sweetie” RIP) and had to stalk Dave’s work schedule to plan a day to ask him out.

Dave sat on the curb next to Miranda’s apartment waiting (for two hours if you ask Dave) for her to pick him up for the first date after running late from a doctor’s appointment (traffic). One date led to another and soon Miranda and Dave were working the same shifts at the hotel (Sundays) where Dave cooked his first meal for Miranda…..s’mores over an open flame grill.

The engagement-
May 24, 2018, Colleton, SC
Miranda didn’t see it coming AT ALL! Miranda was thinking Dave was going to propose during their trip to New Orleans at the end of the year. She was wrong.

The memorial day weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, SC  with our friends was coming up, but Dave had just started a new job where nobody was “allowed” to take that weekend off as it was a very busy weekend on Clearwater Beach. Everyday Miranda asked if he would get the time off since the trip was planned before Dave started that job and each time Miranda asked, Dave gave some pretty vague answers. She was convinced he wouldn’t be able to come. Finally he said he was able to go!

They left Florida around midnight to drive to Myrtle Beach and get there for the morning. Dave was running on 30 minutes of sleep and Miranda had gotten maybe 2 hours of sleep and eager to sleep in the car while Dave drove. With only an hour—ish left to go, Dave pulls off the highway and into a rest stop (bathroom or coffee break). Miranda is now awake after asking Dave why he backed into a parking spot at a rest stop and it’s just after 6am. Dave returns from the bathroom and asks Miranda to grab him the tire pressure gauge from the glove box. After some trouble finding it, Miranda gets out of the car to hand it to Dave who is standing by the open trunk of the car. Just as Miranda rounds the corner, Dave presses record on his cell phone (set up on the trunk), turns and gets down on one knee with a little black box in his hands.

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Madeira Beach, FL

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