Mollie and Thomas

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Thomas and Mollie became engaged on December 14, 2019 above a Redwood Forest in La Honda, California. Mollie grew up just outside of Toronto, ON, CAN and Thomas in San Mateo, CA, USA. It was very special to Mollie that her dress grew up where she did, she chose it during a trip to visit her family in Canada in January 2020!

After the pandemic had cancelled their future wedding plans, Mollie and Thomas debated for weeks about what to do. They’ve always been avid hikers and love spending time outside. They decided to elope (with their families’ blessing) and rented a pair of Tiny Homes in Montague, CA with a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta in the distance. They had secretly always wanted to get married on a mountain somewhere. Soon after they booked their getaway, the fires raged in California and again their plans were threatened. They debated cancelling again. Luckily, with one day to spare before they left, the smoke cleared the area of Mt. Shasta and beautiful blue skies prevailed.

Three of their closest friends joined, including Mollie’s brother from Canada, his girlfriend and Thomas’ long time childhood friend who officiated the marriage. Mollie’s brother was the ring bearer and his girlfriend was the photographer. Thomas and Mollie found a steep hike that lead from Castle Lake to Heart Lake and at the top was a vast landscape view of Mt. Shasta and surrounding area. On October 15, 2020, they enjoyed an amazing french toast breakfast, packed their backpacks and began the trek to Heart Lake. Mollie and Thomas carried their suit and dress on their packs and hiked up the mountain! The ceremony was perfect and luckily, there was enough service for their parents to watch over video chat. It was emotional and flawless, and they solidified their invincible foundation of 7 years into marriage with a pop of sweet champagne!

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A close friend!

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Heart Lake, Mt. Shasta, CA

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