Natasha and Mitch

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Mitch and I met at a business awards gala Downtown Victoria, BC. I ended up winning an award that night and as I walked off the stage, this handsome six foot six gentleman with a bow tie approaches me and introduces himself. I had completely given up on men until I met this small town guy out of the blue. We spent the rest of the night dancing, he took me back to his place and played guitar and the rest is history.

We had our first born early in our relationship, bought a home together and grew into a strong couple as we became a family. Mitch proposed to me while we watched a beautiful sunset together on Laguna beach in 2019. The surprise of our lives hit last year when we found out we were having twins during the start of the pandemic. After everything we’ve gone through, we wanted to have a secret intimate wedding with just family and a few close friends on the beach in Tofino. It was perfect.

Additional Photography: Davita Miles

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Tofino, BC

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