Neeley and Lucas

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Our marriage was 10 years in the making! Lucas and I are college sweethearts. We met in 2013 & instantly felt a strong connection. We dated for a little, but ended up going our separate ways for about 3-4 years… Even though going our separate ways meant possibly running into each other on campus.

Eventually, in 2017 we reconnected and it was like this was all part of the plan. We fell quickly in love, keeping that intense attraction that never went away. We spent almost 5 years dating.

He asked me to marry him on a walk by the water at The Battery in Charleston, SC. A place very special and close to my heart. It was all a dream!

I relished in the newly engaged bliss! Catching myself saying “boyfriend”, then to only correct myself by saying “fiancé”. I always had a little blush in my cheeks when I said that word. We had upgraded from the boyfriend/girlfriend titles, and were now planning our wedding!!

It took me a couple of months to truly start wedding planning. It can seem so overwhelming. I knew the basics of what I wanted… And yes, Lucas helped a lot! But let’s be real ladies, the men are just happy to be there. The brides are the ones with the vision and in charge of the execution! Lol.

First thing I did, without any details locked in yet… Not even the venue…. My sisters, mom, and I went to a bridal shop nearby for me to try on dresses. I had an idea in my head of what I was looking for. A Pinterest board flooded with possibilities, and a “I can’t believe this is real” feeling in my stomach… I started trying on dresses.

Style #2328 was the FIRST dress I tried on! I had shown the bridal consultant a photo of a similar dress and she brought out #2328. I immediately knew. Every other dress I tried on I found myself constantly comparing it to the first one. I finally was down to two dresses. One more glitzy with lace, and the other being the modern, chic & timeless Mikaella gown. I put #2328 back on for a final time and we all started crying! This was the one.

From there, we started PLANNING planning. Lucas agreed with the vision I had for our wedding. I told him I had always envisioned timeless, chic, not following too many trends, not too much color… And it ended up being exactly that!

We went with the colors black, white, greens, and pops of gold. I allowed my bridesmaids to pick out their own black dresses. It was important to me that they each could pick a gown in their own style and feel confident in it!

We had a few cabins at Big Canoe that our family and friends stayed in. That was honestly one of the best parts! The weekend was more than I could have ever imagined.

Brides, if there’s any advice I could give you it is this…. Let go of the little things. The things that you are so worried about. The things you’re scared may go wrong. What matters is the love and marriage between you and your partner. Try to relish in the planning, the day off, and the all nighters you are doing for your DIY projects. It will go by in the blink of an eye. Don’t let anyone or anything take away from your peace and your special day.

At the end of the day, when everything else all fades away, it’s you and your partner. If the little details are important to you, great! But if not, don’t lose sleep over them!

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