Nikki and Emi

Couple’s Wedding Story:

Emi and I met over 6 years ago at a friends house, a mutual friend set us up. Emi travelled alone for 2 months and when he came back we picked up where we left off! It has been a fairy tale ever since! Emi proposed on Thursday June 4th 2020. He created a fairy tale proposal I never thought was possible. After decompressing for a month we started talking about the process of what we were going to do about a wedding! It was a very depressing conversation to have as there was a world-wide pandemic and there were so many unknowns. It seemed impossible to plan anything for the near future. We knew we never wanted a long engagement, but at the time it was very hard to see a time where we would be able to get married.

As we waited and waited for things to start to open up, we saw some light. As we entered phase three in August, we started to learn what we were up against. We knew what were allowed to do and what we weren’t. See, Emi is in the festival and events industry and his busy season is between May and October. This would mean we would never be able to get married during this time. I have always dreamt of a summer, outdoor, boho wedding. As soon as I met Emi, I had convinced myself that we would have a winter wedding.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of the pandemic, Emi’s season was cancelled. But for us, we decided to take this awful situation and turn it into something positive. We choose to celebrate our love and get married. We essentially planned our dream wedding in 2 weeks! My dress was the first one I tried one! I fell in love with it instantly!

This pandemic allowed us to have the wedding of our dreams, with the exact intimacy that we always wanted but never thought we would be able to have. Our ceremony and reception all took place outdoors at Heritage View Barn. Our ceremony started at around 6:30. As the ceremony was ending the sun was setting. The weather that day was perfect! After the ceremony our guests moved into a tented area where the reception was held. There everyone enjoyed a beautiful four course meal, speeches were held and music flowed throughout the evening. Emi made custom booths for our late night station (grilled cheese and pancakes) to bring in the festival feel to our special day. All in all our day was perfect and we are so fortunate it panned out the way it did!

DJ: Saint Misha
Vocalist: Danielle Knoll Music

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